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When it comes to purchasing a generator, you have a range of options on your hands. You will find many different generator types, all of which are fit for specific purposes. However, a first consideration for many is if they want to buy a new or used generator.

For many, the idea of buying a used genset seems like the smartest option to take. Used generators are cheaper, so doesn’t this mean you’ll save a lot of money? Well, as it turns out, you are much better off buying a new generator rather than a used genset. To help highlight this point, here are a few critical points to take into consideration when looking for a genset.

Used Generators Don’t Come With A Warranty

If you’re purchasing something as important and technical as a generator, then you need the assurance that your purchase is protected by a warranty, like with most mechanical items a brand new diesel generator will come with a manufacturer's warranty, the terms can vary by brand and how the genset will be used, for example Cummins generators usually come with a one year warranty if the genset is used in prime mode and a two year warranty if the genset is used as a source of standby backup power, Pramac tend to offer a one year warranty but as a general rule of thumb you should always consult the supplier when considering a specific model genset. With used generators, there’s often never a warranty attached. Or, more likely, the original genset does have a warranty, but it’s void because you’re not the original owner, so you can’t really use it.

On the contrary, new generators almost always have a warranty with them. So, if something goes wrong within the warranty period, you are covered. This means you can potentially save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance. Warranties tend to last a pretty long time so you can go years before you ever need to pay for a routine generator fix. With a used generator, it may be cheaper to begin with, but all the maintenance and repairs could soon add up and make it the more expensive option.

Used Generators Have Outdated Technology

As with most products in the world, generator technology is continually advancing, this is especially true of countries with changing government legislation regarding emissions like the UK and Ireland. There are plenty of new genset models that are built with advanced features which you’ll never find in older varieties. These features can ensure that your generator works a lot better and more efficiently than an older version made by the same company. We’re seeing gensets with fantastic fuel efficiency thanks to the new technology packed into them, this makes them far more economical, meaning you get more value for money out of them. Likewise, safety technology has improved dramatically in modern generators. This helps prevent accidents which lead to costly expenses.

But, if you find a used generator for sale, even if you believe it's in good condition, good working order and starts first time, then you need to be aware that it may not be packed full of modern technology. The genset you buy may be decades old, which means it’s way behind the times. This is potentially problematic for a plethora of reasons. For one, it could be far less safe than a new one. For two, it may have much worse fuel economy than a new genset as well. Both of these things mean that used generators could be more expensive to maintain, as well as providing worse value for money. Yes, you spend more money on a new generator but think of it as the smarter investment. Thanks to the technology, it costs a lot less to maintain the machine, and you will also have a vastly more economic genset too. Used ones will need constant topping up, meaning the fuel costs shoot through the roof over time.

Used Generators Have Already Been Used

They’re called ‘used generators’ for a reason; other people have already used them. Some people don’t see this as a problem, it just means they can buy a cheaper generator. However, there’s one mightily significant thing to take into consideration here; the condition of a used generator.

Sure, it may look fine and seems like it works properly, but can you honestly say that a used generator is in a better condition than a new one? Of course you can’t! New ones haven’t been touched, which means they’re going to last a lot longer than a used one. It’s got its whole life ahead of it, meaning it has many years to work at full capacity before it starts slowing down. For all you know, a used generator could’ve been used every day for multiple years. If you buy it, you won’t get great value for money as it just isn’t going to be able to function as well as a new one. The more something is used, the worse it performance becomes.

Put it this way, you’ll likely have to buy multiple used generators in the time it takes for a brand new one to completely break and reach its last legs. So, are you really saving money? You’re not, a new one represents much better value over the years.

Used Generators Might Not Have All The Parts You Need

Depending on what you need the generator for, a used one may not have all the parts and components you need. We’re talking about things like a remote start, or any other accessories. There are a few reasons a used generator might not have these, one of which is because it was manufactured before these accessories were invented. Another reason is simply that you can’t find one for sale with the accessories.

So, what do you do? You end up having to pay extra to get hold of the accessories, and then you have to pay the manufacturer to install them, which costs more time and money. If you bought a new one, you can find the ideal brand new high quality generator with all the right accessories readily installed for you. There are no additional costs, meaning you save money.

In conclusion, it’s common to assume that used gensets are the cheaper of the two options. Realistically, you’ll only save money on the initial cost of the diesel generator. When you buy a new one in great condition, you invest a bit more money, but the savings you make are far better than if you get a used one. New ones will last longer, be cheaper to maintain, come with warranty protection, and have modern technology that makes them more fuel efficient and less expensive to run as well. As such, if you’re looking for a genset, then the common sense approach is to buy a new one.

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