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Here at Diesel Generator Direct UK, we consider ourselves the experts when it comes to diesel power solutions. We do offer alternative petrol and gas fuel power solutions but diesel is our core business.

diesel-powered generators are a really efficient and cheaper way to generate electrical power than gas and petrol. This is especially true when tasks need a high kVA power output. Currently, diesel fuel costs slightly more per gallon/litre than petrol. There is also more power produced per litre/gallon of diesel when compared to petrol fuel like with diesel vehicles. 

With this increased efficiency delivered by a diesel engine, you will gain more electrical power per pound/dollar/euro than you do with gas or petrol-fuelled gen-set.

So what is the main difference between petrol combustion engines and diesel fuel options? A Petrol engine needs a spark to ignite a mix of compressed fuel and air inside a cylinder. Diesel engines on the other hand use compression alone for ignition. 

Air is compressed more than in a petrol fuel engine. Petrol engines compress at 12:1 ratio at best whereas the lowest-performing diesel-fuelled engines operate at 14:1 compression. Higher kVA power output generators and Gensets rely on compression ratios up to 25:1.

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We believe that in the UK diesel is the best fuel to power any generator over 20kVA. Market data shows us that diesel generators these days are quieter, cheaper and cost much less to maintain than petrol generators similar to petrol and diesel cars. 

Diesel fuelled Gensets don’t need the ignition system to start-up meaning there are fewer elements to replace and go wrong. Diesel generators are more robust and easily more reliable.

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Superior performance produced by diesel-powered generators is the reason why we have chosen to focus on diesel-powered solutions for our clients here in the UK and around the world.

Take a look around this website and we’re sure that you will find a diesel-powered generator that fits your requirements. We currently offer over 200 different diesel generators from two different brands in Cummins Power Generation and Pramac Generators.

When we advise our customers on the difference between Cummins and Pramac we often use an F1 analogy to explain the difference. 

For example, you can view Cummins as a Manufacturer team like Ferrari or Mercedes. All Cummins generator elements are Cummins made or are sub-brands like Stamford alternators, Fleetguard filters, PowerCommand control panels are all Cummins owned brands. 

The main elements of a Cummins generator are built to work in perfect harmony with the other components of the Genset. The cost to build a complete Genset is reduced dramatically. Cummins must also bear the cost of research and development in their products under the Cummins Technologies name.

If you are looking for a generator with ultra-low emissions then take a look at the Cummins stage iiia range of Gensets which all comply with current EU regulations.

Pramac generators can be viewed as a customer team like McLaren or Williams and that means they offer a different solution. Cummins generators only use Cummins built engines to power their generators. 

Pramac can and does use power units built by other well-known manufacturers but selected by Pramac to feature in their gen-sets. Pramac, therefore, is able to offer different specifications. We currently stock Pramac generators driven by Perkins, Volvo, Iveco, Yanmar, Honda and Lombardini engines.

If you are looking for a UK diesel generator supplier than get in touch with Diesel Generator Direct.

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