PS 0500 by PowerCommand, PowerStart 0500 Generator Control Panel

Generator control - PowerStart 0500 Diesel Engine Specification

PowerStart 0500 Diesel Generator Control Panel by PowerCommand
Display: LCD display - 16 character x 2 line alphanumeric LED backlight LCD
Battery: 12 VDC battery operation
Max Base Output: 22 kVA / 18 kW
Configured for 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Navigation Screens with navigation keys
Fault history Recent fault conditions with control hours time stamp. Up to 5 events

PowerStart 0500 Generator Control Panel

Introducing the PowerCommand PS0500 generator control panel by Cummins. The PowerCommand PS500 generator controller is a microprocessor-based Genset monitoring & control system. The PowerStart 0500 controller delivers a logical user-interface to communicate with the generator set. The fully integrated design of controller functions packaged into a single control offers greater reliability & performance when compared with other more conventional Genset control systems. The PS0500 PowerCommand controller has been built, designed & tested to excel in harsh environmental conditions where Gensets can often be used.

The PS0500 Genset control panel is a perfect solution for a large-range of Gensets in non-paralleling applications. The control panel is suitable for use with both reconnectable or non-reconnectable generators and can be configured for either 50 Hz or 60 Hz generators and with voltage and power connection from 190-600 VAC line-to-line.

PS 0500 by PowerCommand Generator Control Panel

The PowerStart 0500's user-interface delivers complete control of your generator and also offers system metering, fault annunciation, configuration & diagnostics. The PC0500 user-interface comes with 7 Genset status LED lights with internationally recognised symbols & English text. The generator control panels user-interface comes with an LED-backlit LCD display with tactile-feel soft-switches offering ease of operation & navigation. The control panel incorporates manual/auto/stop switch function within the interface panel.

PS0500 Controller by PowerCommand

All available data presented on the generator control panel can be observed by navigating through the screens using the navigational keys. The PowerStart 0500 control screen displays current active faults & a timeline-ordered history of five past faults.

PS 0500 by Cummins Power Generation

The power used to function the generator controller is taken from the Gensets starting batteries & functions over a voltage range from 8 VDC to 16 VDC

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Cummins are an industry leader in power system integrated designs. Within a Cummins diesel generator, the major components of their systems are designed and manufactured by Cummins, the engine, Stamford alternators and PowerCommand control panels deliver power systems built to interact seamlessly with each other.