Hyundai DHY125KSE 125kVA / 50Hz Three Phase Diesel Generator – Powerful, Three-Phase, AVR Alternator, ATS Compatible

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Experience the power and reliability of the Hyundai DHY125KSE 125kVA / 50Hz Three Phase Diesel Generator. With its robust construction, fuel efficiency, and advanced features, this generator is your dependable source of power. Whether for backup or continuous operation, it’s the perfect companion for your industrial and commercial needs. Trust in its performance, enjoy its low noise operation, and feel confident with its safety features. The DHY125KSE is more than just a generator, it’s your reliable partner in power.


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Product Description:

The Hyundai DHY125KSE 125kVA / 50Hz Three Phase Diesel Generator is a high-performance and reliable power solution designed to meet the demands of various industrial and commercial applications. With its robust construction and advanced features, this generator stands out as a must-have for those seeking a dependable source of power.

– Power Output: The Hyundai DHY125KSE diesel generator delivers an impressive power output of 125kVA, making it suitable for powering a wide range of equipment and machinery.
– Three Phase: This generator operates on a three-phase system, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply for demanding applications.
– Diesel Engine: Equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine, the DHY125KSE offers excellent performance and reliability. The engine is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and provides optimal fuel consumption for cost-effectiveness.
– Automatic Start/Stop: The generator features an automatic start/stop function, allowing it to automatically start up in the event of a power outage and shut down once power is restored. This feature ensures uninterrupted power supply and convenience.
– Weatherproof Enclosure: The DHY125KSE comes with a weatherproof enclosure, protecting the generator from harsh weather conditions and enhancing its durability. This feature makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
– Low Noise Operation: With advanced noise reduction technology, this generator operates at a low noise level, ensuring a quieter working environment and minimizing disturbance to nearby surroundings.
– Digital Control Panel: The generator is equipped with a user-friendly digital control panel, providing easy access to essential information such as voltage, frequency, and running hours. The panel also allows for convenient monitoring and adjustment of the generator’s settings.
– Safety Features: The DHY125KSE is equipped with various safety features, including low oil pressure shutdown, high-temperature shutdown, and overload protection. These features ensure the generator operates within safe parameters and protect it from potential damage.

Brief Description:
The Hyundai DHY125KSE 125kVA / 50Hz Three Phase Diesel Generator is a powerful and reliable solution for industrial and commercial power needs. With its robust construction, fuel-efficient diesel engine, and advanced features such as automatic start/stop and weatherproof enclosure, this generator offers exceptional performance and durability. Its low noise operation, user-friendly control panel, and safety features further enhance its appeal. Whether for backup power or continuous operation, the DHY125KSE is a must-have generator for those seeking a dependable and efficient power source.

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