Acoustic Enclosures

Generator Acoustic Enclosures

Noise Control Solutions

Our bespoke acoustic power solutions are designed and built in-house, we have the knowledge and flexibility to build a variety of shapes and sizes for even the most restrictive footprints and airflow requirements; this can be a flat-pack solution to be assembled on-site or transported fully built.,

Generator Enclosures

Over the many years of building acoustic enclosures we have developed a variety of solutions that minimise the overall footprint of power projects. On some occasions consisting of multiple containerised generators by using stacked containers together with bulk fuel tanks with steps, handrails and platforms for access, saving valuable real-estate and costs.

Bespoke Noise Control Solutions

Diesel Generator Direct will endeavour to find a solution to meet your exact requirements. For example on projects where height is an issue, we can install a low-profile, recessed box type silencer within the roof rather than a roof-mounted cylindrical silencer system.

Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosures

There is an ever-increasing demand to improve the noise reduction capabilities of generator enclosures. A standard project is approximately 10dBA quieter than previous years, these days noise as low as 60dBA at 1m away from the enclosures is required – a similar noise level to a normal conversation between two people. With demand for reduced noise levels required on projects getting lower, Diesel Generator Direct has continued to meet our customers requirements through careful innovation by our in-house team of designers that crunch the numbers required to evolve pioneering build methods with a focus on absorbing noise levels across the spectrum of octave bands to meet even the demanding of noise level specifications.

Generator Housings

To aid on-site installations, external cable link boxes or special gland arrangements can be provided on both enclosed generators and off-the-shelf canopied generator sets facilitating the connection of incoming armoured cables. Small lighting and power systems within a generator enclosure can be supplied by Diesel Generator Direct. Including lighting with emergency battery backup, sockets and switches, a distribution board, heaters, fans, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fire detection panels, and intruder alarms. We also provide Electrical fit-out services for the installation of outsourced or free issued major components including Form 4 switchboards, distribution transformers and power conditioning equipment including associated containment protection systems and switchgear.