1250 kVA Cummins

C1250 D2R Cummins PowerBox 20X Silent Generator 1250kVA

  • Prime 1258 kVA 1006 kW
  • Standby 1400 kVA 1120 kW
  • Engine Cummins KTA50 G3
  • Alternator P7B
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 380 – 415V
  • Amps per Phase 1812
  • Standard Controller PowerCommand® 3.3

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C1250 D2R

1250 kVA C1250 D2R Cummins PowerBox 20X Diesel Generator

Cummins Power Generation broke the mold for electric power generation with its C1250 D2R PowerBox 20X. This industrial diesel generator is a fully integrated, sturdy power generation system that raises the bar in performance, reliability and efficiency for standby service and prime power applications.

C1250D2R Cummins UK Silent 1250kVA PowerBox 20X Generator

The versatile Cummins C1250 D2R PowerBox 20X boasts both 50 and 60 Hz frequency to service diverse energy requirements alongside a wide voltage range for continuous, prime or standby applications in industrial, business, residential, utilities and more.

Cummins Power Generation Silent 1250 kVA Genset C1250D2R

The Cummins Power Generation KTA50G3 engine offers optimal performance, reliability and durability in the majority of global environments. It has an exceedingly high de-rating threshold for temperatures, altitudes and humidity, the KTA50G3 engine is known for performing in the most difficult operating environments.

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More Information
Prime kVA 1258 kVA
Prime kWE 1006 kWE
Standby kVA 1400 kVA
Standby kWE 1120 kWE
Engine Cummins KTA50 G3
Alternator P7B
Voltage 380 – 440V
Amps per Phase 1812
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller PowerCommand® 3.3

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