9 kVA Perkins

  • Prime 9 kVA 7 kWe
  • Standby 10 kVA 8 kWe
  • Engine Perkins 403D-11G
  • Alternator Linz E1S13SB
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 400 V
  • Amps per Phase 18.6
  • Standard Controller Key Start

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9 kVA (prime) Pramac Perkins Silent Diesel Generator GBW10p

At Diesel Generator Direct, we stock some of the highest quality Pramac Perkins silent diesel generators. Perkins gensets are renowned for being reliable as well as good quality, which is a good thing when you consider that they should last you for years. Pramac generators are universal, which is a part of their popularity. They suit both business and domestic use, whether in a vehicle or in a property.

One of those high quality generators that we stock is the 9 kVA Pramac Perkins Silent Diesel Generator GBW10p. This item has the following specifications:

  • 400 voltage
  • 18.6 amps per phase
  • Linz E1S13SB alternator
  • UK built Perkins 403D-11G engine
  • 3 Phase
  • Key start

The Perkins GBW10p is known for being silent and this auto start generator is designed to fit any user. Over the years, Perkins has strived to build up the number of products that they offer to their clients and today, there are a range of gensets to suit your needs. At Diesel Generator Direct, you will find the GBW10p by Pramac and know that it is efficient and effective with great value.

You know you’re paying for quality and the Perkins GBW10p is one of the longer lasting options out there. There are a wide range of benefits when you choose Perkins for your engine and you are getting top quality from a trusted manufacturer.

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Call:  +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or email: enquiries@dieselgeneratordirect.uk for more information

More Information
Prime kVA 9
Prime kWE 7
Standby kVA 10
Standby kWE 8
Engine Perkins 403D-11G
Alternator Linz E1S13SB
Voltage 400 V
Amps per Phase 13
Auto/Manual Control Panel Manual Start
Controller Key Start

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