400 kVA Cummins

C440 D5eb Cummins Silent Generator 400kVA

with: Battery Charger, Water Heater, Set Mounted 4-pole Circuit Breaker, 150 litre Base Fuel Tank & Close Fit Acoustic Canopy (77 dBA @ 1m)

  • Prime 400 kVA 320 kWe
  • Standby 440 kVA 352 kWe
  • Engine NTA855G7
  • Alternator HCI5C
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 380 - 415V
  • Amps per Phase 576
  • Standard Controller Automatic Start

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400 kVA C450D5eb Cummins Diesel Generator

400kVA Prime, 440kVA Standby Silent Closed Canopy Gen-set by Cummins

C450D5eb Cummins UK Silent 400 kVA Generator

A 400kVA diesel generator like Cummins’ C450D5eb is the gen-set of choice for many businesses because it provides a large amount of power both quietly and reliably, and is adaptable enough to work in a range of different settings and applications. When rigged as a primary power diesel generator, it provides 406 kVA. It can also offer a hefty 440 kVA of lightning-fast back-up power.

Cummins Diesel Generator Silent 400 kVA Genset C450D5eb

To use the C450D5eb as a back-up electric generator, simply affix a suitable ATS. The generator’s built-in mains monitoring equipment needs nothing else to provide fully automated, fast-response power for sensitive equipment when the power grid becomes unreliable.

Cummins Silent 400 kVA Generator C450D5eb

The C450D5eb 400kVA diesel generator is in fact ISP 8528 certified. It contains only high quality, branded components including the genuine Cummins diesel power plant itself and a one of Stamford’s best 4-pole brush-less alternators. A high performance electronic governor and the Cummins Power Command 1.1 control system round out the gen-set providing excellent all-around performance.

Like every diesel gen-set we sell, this 400 kVA diesel generator benefits from an amazing long-term warranty. At DIesel Generator direct we're proud to offer a large range of generator power solutions from 1 - 10 kVA Portable Generators for sale to large 10 to 3000 kVA Industrial Power Generators, we also stock related products such as pressure washers and fuel tanks as well as offering bespoke customisations such as customised canopies and bespoke fuel tanks..

Call: +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or email: enquiries@dieselgeneratordirect.uk for more information

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More Information
Prime kVA 409
Prime kWE 327
Standby kVA 450
Standby kWE 360
Engine Cummins QSZ13-G7
Alternator HCI5C
Voltage 380 – 440V
Amps per Phase 576
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller 2100

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