400kVA Cummins

C450 D5 Cummins Silent Genset 400kVA (prime)

comes with: Battery Charger, Water Heater, Set Mounted 4-pole Circuit Breaker, 689 litre Base Fuel Tank & Close Fit Acoustic Canopy

  • Prime 410 kVA 328 kWe
  • Standby 450 kVA 360 kWe
  • Engine Cummins QSG12-G2
  • Alternator Stamford
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 380-440V
  • Amps per Phase 576
  • Standard Controller Automatic Start

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400 kVA C450D5 Cummins Silent Diesel Generator


400kVA Prime, 450kVA Standby Silent Closed Canopy Gen-set by Cummins

C450D5 Cummins UK Silent 400 kVA Diesel Generator

AThe new C450D5 from Cummins Power Generation is a step-up from its previous model and now features the QSK12 series engine by Cummins, a fully-intergrated power generating system that provides maximum performance, versatility and reliability in backup or prime mode.

Cummins Diesel Generator Silent 400 kVA Genset C450D5

The QSG12 by Cummins is an industrial engine with robust 4-cycle that delivers reliable power on demand.

Cummins Silent 400 kVA Generator C450D5eb

The C450D5 400kVA silent diesel generator is a work-horse that will not let you down, should you need any alterations making to this 400 kVA Genset get in touch with the team here at Diesel Generator Direct who will be more than happy to assist you.

Call: +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or email: enquiries@dieselgeneratordirect.uk for more information



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More Information
Prime kVA 410
Prime kWE 328
Standby kVA 450
Standby kWE 360
Engine Cummins QSQ12-G2
Alternator Stamford
Voltage 380 – 440V
Amps per Phase 576
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller PC2.2

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