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Portable Generators

We have portable generators in a range of kVA/kW sizes from Pramac, one of the worlds leading small generator manufacturers featuring engines made by Honda, Yamaha and Pramac themselves, diesel and petrol generator options too.Portable generators offer you the flexibility that doesn’t come with the bigger models, but that doesn’t mean these small generators can’t offer you the electrical power and reliability that buyers always want when shopping for a new generator. We have plenty of them to choose from in our store, including bother single phase petrol generators and some diesel options. We’re going to talk you through all of them, their differences and how they might be used right now.

Portable Diesel Generator

At Diesel Generator Direct we pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive range of portable generators solutions suitable for a large range of uses and applications. When you choose one of these quiet portable generators, there are some things that you will to consider. The size of them matters to many people because you’ll want to move them around; that’s the whole point of a portable generator. Think about just how easy to move around you’ll need your generator to be. You’ll also want to think about the fuel types, general capabilities and power offered by each of them. Because of the range of different portable generators we have on offer, you’re sure to find something that works for you, no matter your requirements.

It’s time to look at the various models in more detail, so read on now to find out all about them and ultimately discover which you feel is right for you.

Portable Silent Generator

These are our single phase petrol models. Single phase portable generators use an alternating current that produces a single voltages. And all of these options below run on petrol.If you need any help or advice in selecting the right portable generator for your requirements, please get in touch with Diesel Generator Direct, we'll be only to pleased to help and guide you in your genset selection.

P2000i 2kW Pramac

The P2000i 2kW Pramac portable inverter generator uses the Yamaha MZ80 engine and is powered by fuel. It possesses a voltage of 230V and its frequency is 50Hz. When you want to use it, there’s a manual start and stop function that you use to control it. It’s both compact and light to carry, which is essential for any portable generator. It’s also ideal for any tools or equipment likely to be hit by voltage surges because of its specially designed genset.

It’s one of the quieter generators on the market right now, and its efficiency also makes it appeal. It can be used as a home generator very easily by plugging it into any household socket. It’s also a great option for caravans and camping trips, as well as any other portable power generation needs you might have. It’s a good all-round option coming in a suitcase style.

This E3250 2.9kW Pramac possesses a Honda petrol generator with GC1600 engine inside it. Running on petrol, this portable generator power has a voltage of 230V and its frequency is 50Hz. The recoil startup controller makes it easy to use and to get started with for any beginner. The power of this model is in the way it combines a simplicity in design with a professional output, allowing a high level of performance without a huge price tag that many might expect.

The exhaust system is modern and much-improved on previous models, and the whole thing is very easy to take care of and maintain so it won’t be a hassle for you at any stage. It’s ideal for all of the things you’d want from a portable generator, from tasks around the home and garden to camping and taking it on the road. It’s robustly made so you’ll be able to rely on it for a long time to come.

PX4000 3kW Pramac

This PX4000 3kW Pramac portable generator is a very affordable option and is supremely easy to move around thanks to the integrated wheel system it has in place. It means that just about anyone will be able to move it around without any problems at all. It has a Pramac AP170F engine in place, with 230V voltage and 50Hz frequency. It uses a recoil startup system as well.

It’s the kind of generator that’s very good for business, power tool and other home DIY uses. It’s also been used by caters and people who use their caravans a lot. The ease of using it and move it makes it very appealing for all kinds of people, and the efficiency makes it particularly appealing to small business owner with a need for portable power generation. It’s not to be dismissed, that’s for sure.

S8000 6.4kW Pramac

The S8000 6.4kW Pramac portable generator uses a Honda GX390 petrol engine, has 230V voltage and a frequency of 50Hz. It uses a recoil startup, and the electric engine is known to be very light and the fuel tank is very easy to full up. It’s the kind of portable generator that’s built with the needs of the user in mind, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting to grips with it and understanding how to get what you need from it.

The genset has an easy to use control panel mounted on it, and there are many accessories and options that you can make use of to optimise the system in the way you want it to be optimised. It’s puts you in control and this makes it very comfortable for you to use because it will be geared towards exactly what you need. It can be used anywhere at any time, and the integrated wheels only make things even easier for you, Honda portable generators are know for their quality and efficiancy.

Portable Generators for Sale

Just like the petrol small portable generators above, these diesel options use a single phase voltage system, but all of these require diesel to function properly.

P45000 3.7kW Pramac

The P45000 3.7kW Pramac diesel portable generator is one that you can rely on in most situations. It has a Yanmar L70N engine which powers it and 230V voltage with a 50Hz frequency. The startup system is electrical, making it good for simply catering and business tool uses. It’s a quiet system, so it’s never going to distract or course any problems in terms of noise pollution wherever you might want to use it.

The genset it uses is of a professional standard and is very robust so you know you’ll be able to rely on it for pretty much any need you might have. You can take it anywhere, know that you’re safe and know that it won’t cause you any problems. If that kind of reliability and easy to use build is what you’re looking for, the P4500 could be the diesel generator that you’re looking for.

This P6000 5kVA Pramac diesel portable generator uses a Yanmar L100N electric engine, and offers 22 amps per phase, as well as 230V. The key start controller makes it ideal for security and safety. It’s also a silent diesel generator, making it appealing to any users who need to keep the noise down.

It’s easy to pull and move thanks to the design and structure of the small generator. It has lots of different sockets available, offering you more options and making it easier to use for homeowners and businesses, whatever their needs and requirements are. It’s an all-round professional package.

P6000s 5kW Pramac

This P6000s 5kW Pramac diesel portable generator uses a Yanmar L70N engine, and has 230V voltage and a frequency of 50Hz. The electric startup makes it very easy to use, even if you don’t have much experience using a portable generator yet. It’s also a silent diesel generator, so if you’re in need of a portable generator that’s going to remain quiet and now cause any disturbances, this could be the one you’re looking for.

Businesses that need to work in residential areas at any time of the day often make use of this generator because of the super-quiet engine that it makes use of. That’s not the only thing going for it though. It’s ideal for moving because of the fitted trolley kit that comes with it, so even if it doesn’t look portable on the surface, it certainly us.

Small Generators

Now you know plenty about the wide range of portable generators for sale in our store, you can make an informed decision regarding which of them is best for you and your particular needs. Don’t rush into any key decisions until you’re confident that you’ve made the right choice. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Contact details are found at the top of the page.

Pramac delivers a range of portable generators high on efficiency and great value for money, rely on these machines to deliver the power you need when you need it.

All prices are ex-works and subject to VAT at the current rate. E&OE

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  1. 1.6kW Pramac

    2kW Standby
    PRAMAC PETROL · P2000i
    230V Only
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £624.00 £520.00
  2. 1.8kW Pramac

    2.2kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £221.99 £184.99
  3. 2.2kW Pramac

    2.6kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £560.40 £467.00
  4. 2.2kW Pramac

    2.6kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £421.19 £350.99
  5. 2.3kW Pramac

    2.7kW Standby
    230V Only
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £369.60 £308.00
  6. 2.4kW Pramac

    2.9kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £254.12 £211.77
  7. 2.5kW Pramac

    2.9kW Standby
    110/230V Only
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £489.59 £407.99
  8. 2.6kW Pramac

    3.1kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £574.80 £479.00
  9. 2.6kW Pramac

    3.1kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £676.80 £564.00
  10. 3.1kW Pramac

    3.7kW Standby
    230V Only
    Single Phase · Electric Start

    £2,310.00 £1,925.00
    Free Shipping + VAT
  11. 3.3kW Pramac

    3.7kW Max Power
    Three Phase · Key Start

    £1,215.60 £1,013.00
  12. 3.9kW Pramac

    4.6kW Standby
    Single Phase · Recoil Start

    £847.20 £706.00
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