PI144D Stamford Alternator

PI144D Stamford Alternator Specification

PI144D Stamford Alternator
Control System: Standard AS480 AVR (self exited)
Voltage Regualtion: ± 1.0 %
Stator Winding: Double Layer Concentric
Winding Pitch: 2/3
Winding Leads: 12
Stator WDG. Resistance: 0.353 Ohms PER PHASE @ 22°C SERIES STAR CONNECTED
Rotor WDG. Resistance: 0.657 Ohms @ 22°C
Exiter Stator Resistance: 18.5 Ohms @ 22°C
Exiter Rotor Resistance: 0.228 Ohms per phase @ 22°C
EBS Stator Resistance; 12.9 Ohms @ 22°C
R.F.I. Suppression; BS EN 61000-6-2 & BS EN 61000-6-4,VDE 0875G, VDE 0875N. refer to factory for others
Waveform Distortion; No Load < 1.5% non-distorting balanced linear load< 5.0%
Maximum Overspeed; 2250 Revolutions a minute
Bearing Drive End: BALL. 6309 - 2RS. (ISO)
Bearing non-drive end: BALL. 6306 - 2RS. (ISO)

PI144D Alternator by Stamford

A major component of the Cummins C22D5 diesel generator, the PI144D Stamford three-phase alternator can produce a prime power output of 20kVA and standby power output of 22kVA when run at 50 Hz over a range of voltages from 380 to 440 volts. From the P0/P1 series by Stamford the PI144D is a mid-size alternator. The PI144D alternator has been manufactured in Wuxi, China since 2020. P1 alternators are mainly used for standby applications & small power output applications. The P1 alternators have the options of 2 and 4 pole, enabling it to be very versatile for more demanding and challenging applications.

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PI144D Stamford

When looking at the PI144D from the drive-end the alternator rotates clockwise. The PI144D Stamford alternator deploys a self-exciting excitation system with an AS480 AVR (The AVR is used for automatically maintaining generator output terminal voltage at a set value by sensing the voltage V out at a power-generating coil and comparing it to a stable reference.) control system with an excitation boost system (EBS) option.

PI144D Alternator

In the PI144D's self-excited system the main stator deploys power via the AVR to the exciter stator.

PI144D Diesel Generator Alternator

Cummins Generator Technologies was established in 1904, and the American based generator company manufactures their alternators under the STAMFORD® brand as an industry leader, offering a comprehensive range from 7.5 up to 11,200 kVA, for all Genset configurations.