How to prepare for a Power Outage

In today’s fast paced and electronically interconnected modern world, it’s fair to say that we’re more dependent than ever on our electronic devices. Not only do we look to them to keep us illuminated, warm, comfortable, entertained and fed we increasingly rely on them to keep us connected with the outside world, managing everything from our bank accounts to our takeaway choices through digital means. Thus, when our power supply fails or is shut down for routine maintenance, rendering us not only in the dark but without the wifi that seems as important to us in the 21st century as oxygen, it can be an extremely distressing experience.

Of course, a diesel generator can be your very best friends in situations like these, but even when you’re lucky enough to own one, it behoves you to be well prepared in the event of a power outage. After all, forewarned is forearmed. Here we’ll look at some useful steps in preparing for power loss so that you can weather it, whatever the cause, with minimal disruption...

Keep a torch handy

When your home is plunged into darkness, it can take your eyes some time to adjust. Thus, navigating your home in the dark can be treacherous, leading at best to bumps and bruises and at worst to harmful trips and falls.

Keep a torch somewhere readily accessible and make sure that there are spare batteries to hand as well. This will help you to navigate your home easily and safely.

Keep open lines of communication

Your mobile phone is likely your first line of defense in this scenario, and can provide illumination and an open line of communication with the outside world. However, if your battery is on the wane this could cause problems. Keep a rechargeable power pack somewhere easily accessible to allow you to charge it. Alternatively, an analogue plug-in phone will work perfectly well without electricity.

You may also wish to keep a battery powered radio close to hand tuned in to a local station. This will help you to keep abreast of the cause of the power cut and potential resolutions even if you can’t get through to anyone on the phone.

Know who to call

There are many people you may want to contact in this instance; local friends and relatives, your electricity provider or even your neighbours to see if they have been similarly effective. However, one phone number which you should always keep in mind is the National Power Cut Helpline on 105. The National Power Cut Helpline also has a smartphone app that can help you identify and track the progress of power cuts in your area. Alternatively, you can try to find your electricity provider for updates.

Keep your frozen foods frozen

One thing that many worry about in the event of a power cut is the spoiling of their frozen foods. You can decrease the risk of spoilage by keeping your fridge and freezer doors shut. This will help them to maintain a colder temperature for as long as possible. As tempting as it may be to check that your box of Magnums isn’t turning to much, opening the freezer door can cause a massive loss of cold air.

When you’re well prepared, a power cut can simply be a mild inconvenience rather than a catastrophe.