618 kVA Perkins

  • Prime 618 kVA 494 kWe
  • Standby 675 kVA 540 kWe
  • Engine UK Built Perkins 2806A-E18TAG1A
  • Alternator ECO40 1.5L
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 400 V
  • Amps per Phase 890
  • Standard Controller ComAp

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GSW670p Pramac Perkins Silent Diesel Generator

The Pramac GSW670p is a 618 kVA Generator when used in prime setting mode, when used for standby backup power operations this Pramac Perkins becomes a 675 kVA Generator, for more options in this kVA range, take a look at all our 600kVA Generators on offer.

GSW670p Pramac Perkins


GSW670p Pramac


GSW670p Generators




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Call: +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or email: enquiries@dieselgeneratordirect.uk for more information



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More Information
Prime kVA 618
Prime kWE 494
Standby kVA 675
Standby kWE 540
Engine UK Built Perkins 2806A-E18TAG1A
Alternator ECO40 1.5L
Voltage 400 V
Phase Three Phase
Amps per Phase 890
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller ComAp
Dry Weight (kg) 0.000000