Pramac Perkins GDW75P

Prime Power: 66.9 kVA / 53.5 kW
Standby Power: 74.6 kVA / 59.7 kW
Engine: Perkins 1104D-44TG2
Fuel: Diesel

Phase: 3
Voltage: Multiple Voltages Available
Frequency: 60 Hz
Control Panel: ComAp

67 kVA Perkins

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Pramac Perkins GDW75P Diesel Generator

The Pramac GDW75P 3 phase 60 Hz diesel generator powered by the Perkins 1104D-44TG2 engine is a 4 cylinder, 1800 rpm genset available in silent or open options, ideal for many different applications that require 60Hz 3 phase power.

GDW75P Perkins Diesel Generator

The Pramac GDW75P diesel generator weighs 863kg open and 1,184kg with a silent canopy (dry weights) and comes standard with a Mecc Alte alternator, ComAp auto start control panel, 100 Amp circuit breaker and multiple base fuel tank sizes starting at 120 litres.

GDW75P Pramac Genset

The GDW75P genset is available as an open type unit with 3 different exhaust types or as a silent or extra silent option, both of which feature an acoustically-treated sound & weatherproof canopy.

GDW75P Pramac Perkins 60 Hz 3 Phase Generator

The GDW75P 60 Hz 3 phase generator is perfect for a wide range of mid-range power applications that require 60 Hz 3 phase power.

GDW75P Pramac Diesel Generator

Generate reliable backup or prime power for your building/equipment with the robust GDW75P diesel generator from Pramac, available in 7 different voltage configurations:

  • 480/277V
  • 208/120V
  • 220/127V
  • 380/220V
  • 440/254V
  • 240/120V
  • 240/139V

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More Information
Prime kVA 66.9
Prime kWE 53.5
Standby kVA 74.6 kVA
Standby kWE 59.7
Engine Perkins 1104D-44TG2
Alternator Mecc Alte ECP32-2M4 C
Voltage Multiple Voltages Available
Phase Three Phase
Amps per Phase 89.1
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller ComAp