2750 kVA Cummins

  • Prime 2750 kVA 2200 kWe
  • Standby 3000 kVA 2400 kWe
  • Engine QSK78G9
  • Alternator LVSI804S
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 380 - 415V
  • Amps per Phase 3969
  • Standard Controller Automatic Start

This generator also has a 50°C Radiator Option Available on Request

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C3000 D5 Cummins Open Diesel Generator

This 3000 kVA (standby) open diesel generator is the largest set we stock in the Cummins Power Generation range.

C3000 D5 Cummins Open Diesel Generator

The Cummins Power Generation C3000 D5 open generator features a Cummins own built fully integrated power system delivering maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and versatility for a wide range of standby, backup or prime power and continuous applications.

C3000D5 Cummins Diesel Generators

The C3000D5 power generator harnesses the power from a Cummins own built QSK78G9 heavy-duty engine (rugged 4 cycle industrial diesel) delivering reliable power with low emissions and fast response to load changes.

C3000 D5 Cummins Power Generator

This generator conforms to tier iii and iv data center sites on account of its ability to run for unlimited hours of operation. The C3000 D5 genset package comes with a LVSI804S alternator and PowerCommand® electronic control provides total system integration including remote start/stop, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, AmpSentry protection, output metering and automatic-shutdown.

C3000D5 Cummins Genset

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More Information
Prime kVA 2750
Prime kWE 2200
Standby kVA 3000
Standby kWE 2400
Engine QSK78G9
Alternator LVSI804S
Voltage 380 – 415V
Phase Three Phase
Amps per Phase 4330
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller 3.3
Dry Weight (kg) 0.000000