1250 kVA Cummins

  • Prime 1250 kVA 1000 kWe
  • Standby 1400 kVA 1120 kWe
  • Engine KTA50-G3
  • Alternator P1734B
  • Phase 3
  • Voltage 380 - 415V
  • Amps per Phase 2016
  • Standard Controller 3.3

This generator has a 50°C Radiator Option - Price w/ Radiator: £122,695 (Excl. Tax)


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C1400D5 Diesel Generator

If you are looking for a high quality 1400kVA power system the C1400D5 open diesel generator by Cummins Power Generation is the perfect generator set. This set produces 1250kVA (1000 kW) of power in prime mode and 1400kVA (1120 kW) when used for standby applications.

This open genset is powered by the Cummins KTA50-G3 diesel engine which is a member of the KTA50 family of Cummins Engines. The KTA50-G3 which is built at the Cummins plant in India is a 16 cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled engine.

C1400D5 Generator

The C1400D5 utilizes the P1734B Stamford Alternator. Cummins Generator Technologies has been manufacturing Stamford alternators under the Stamford brand since 1904. It’s this close relationship amongst gen-set elements that allows Cummins to produce gensets where the major components work seamlessly together. 

This is akin to F1 manufacturer teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes who control the production of all the components in their engines and cars.  In contrast to a team like Red Bull or Mclaren who must do deals with engine manufactures to place into their cars, the engine they buy could be amazing but not seamlessly produced for their chassis as it was for the manufacturer. 

The Cummins C1400D5 benefits in exactly the same way, that’s how you can be sure that a Cummins 1400kVA will run efficiently on demand for many years to come. 

C1400D5 Silent Generator

The C1400D5 open diesel generator boasts 1400 kVA of power in standby power mode and 1250 kVA of prime power. Please note that this is a 50 hz Cummins diesel generator 1400kVA diesel generator that is suitable for a wide range of power applications.

C1400 D5 Genset

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this 1400 kVA generator or any of the power solutions on our site. We don’t only supply diesel generator sets, but also gas and petrol generators too.

Take advantage of our worldwide delivery, parts and generator service contracts to help you keep your 1400 kva genset or any generator from any brand working in tip-top condition for many years ahead.

More Information
Prime kVA 1250
Prime kW 1000
Standby kVA 1400
Standby kWE 1120
Engine KTA50-G3
Alternator P1734B
Voltage 380 – 415V
Phase Three Phase
Amps per Phase 2016
Auto/Manual Control Panel Automatic Start
Controller 3.3
Dry Weight (kg) 0.000000
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