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Diesel Generator Direct stock a comprehensive range of genuine replacement and expendable parts for the majority of Generators and their associated equipments. We stock engine components for a complete engine re-fits, oil and air filters and replacement belts. Get in touch with us by calling +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or using the form below to contact the generator parts deprtment directly.

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Generator Parts

Here at Diesel Generator Direct we can source generator replacement parts for a wide-range of generators from a range of brands. If you require a part for your generator please click here and let us know what parts you would like to source.

A generator is commonly used as a standby backup power supply when there is no constant power supply that is available, in a power cut for example. It's now becoming a necessity for every household and every company that uses electricity to operate and with the introduction of electric cars to the UK market this demand on the main grid is due to rise significantly putting even more demand on an already struggling main power grid. the majority of us have used a generator at one time or another. But, which parts are present in a Generator? Each part that goes together to build a gen set is essential. The Generator is made up of 9 main elements;

Generator Engine

The engine is a fundamental element of the genset. It's the engine that supplies the energy to the generator. It is the power (output) expressed in kVA or kW of the engine that gives us the capacity of the generator.

Generator Alternator

The alternator is the element that produces the electrical energy that is omitted out as an output. Electrical energy is created by converting the mechanical energy produced by the engine.

Generator Fuel System

The fuel system is another element that a generator would not be able to function without. Without enough fuel (gas, diesel or petrol) in the system the generator will not be able to produce electricity.

Generator Voltage Regulator:

This element regulates the voltage of the electricity that is omitted as the output.

Generator Cooling and Exhaust System

After long use of a generator it can produce a lot of heat. The generator cooling and exhaust system brings the temperature down of the parts and prevents overheating. Exhaust systems are used to expel fumes formed by the use of diesel and oils inside the genset.

Generator Lubrication System

A genset is made up of many smaller moving parts. A lubrication system allows the machine to function in a way where these parts are not harmed.

Generator Battery Charger

A generator is usually started using a battery. Therefore, the battery needs to be charged up. The battery charger automatically charges the battery so its ready on demand.

Generator Control Panel

This is the part generator uses have most interaction with. The Engine Control Unit is an element of this panel that aids in controlling the parts related to the engine of the generator.

Generator Frame

The frame that holds all the other elements of the generator together and makes sure that the generator is earthed to avoid serious issues.