Pressure Washers

The pressure washers on this page are built by Pramac, take a look at our '20 Great Uses for a Pressure Washer' guide.

Pressure Washers

At Diesel Generator Direct are proud to stock full control, high-quality pressure washers from Pramac UK, a leading brand across the globe for quality products and their range of jet washers are a great solution for many cleaning tasks, just plug into a water source and go for fantastic cleaning results. Diesel jet washers work for both home and business use, our products run smoothly and efficiently with an eye on quality for cost. Our Pramac pressure washers are designed with fuel consumption efficiancy in mind. They remove dirt with ease using either petrol or diesel fuel power options.. If you are looking for highly powered pressure washer, then look no further than Diesel Generator Direct - we have a solution for you!

Pressure Washer Efficiency

Pressure washers come in different styles and pressure abiltiy, a jet washer that doesn't have cords or wires allows you to reach those tricky sports easily. The good news is that you can buy high tech pressure washers that are simple to use - sometimes, it’s not all about the bells and whistles, but power and getting the job done that needs doing. By buying pressure washers with Diesel Generator Direct, you can use be complete domestically, outside or in business situations and lessen the disturbance to neighbouring homes and offices.

Pressure Washers are Cost-Effective

Our pressure washers can help to save you a lot of money over time, despite the fact that pressure washers are more expensive when diesel. This is because the petrol options out there are lighter to run. The efficiency and fuel tanks of the pressure washers make them more affordable to run when diesel, because you use less fuel as you use the pressure washer, which makes them cheaper to run over time. The question you need to ask yourself is what the best brands are for your intended use. With that in mind, you can find the products that we offer in our pressure washer range explored below.

Pressure Washer Options

At Diesel Generators Direct we provide power pressure washer solutions as a petrol pressure washers or a diesel pressure washer built by Pramac

Pramac Pressure Washers

We carry two different pressure washers in our Pramac range, and here are their specifications:

There are pros and cons to each of these pressure washers and the biggest difference is in the fuel: one is diesel, one is petrol. Petrol is lighter and diesel is cheaper over time, but it’s worth noting that the diesel engine has a faster flow rate, so it’s really going to depend on how much you need to use it that’ll determine your choices. Both of these models made by Pramac are both of the highest quality. Each pressure washer yields a gun, a chemical injection facility and a lance and with the added powerful engine attached, you get the superior results that you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to using Pramac heavy duty, high pressure washers, it’s easy to see that no other model can truly compare. The PW240 alone has a water pressure rating that doubles other models such as Karcher, which only has a 120 bar pressure rating and isn’t as impressive to use. Your business needs something that’ll give results in a fast and efficient way, which is why Pramac is the way to go. A pressure washer for your business is an investment that is worth it and you should consider each of your options carefully before you start buying. You may well have noticed that other businesses are investing in pressure washers to get the job done properly, and you can join them. The key is knowing what they’re for and how to use them, so let’s explore that.

What Can You Use A Pressure Washer For?

If you haven’t been introduced to the wonders of pressure washers, you may not even know what they’re for. Basically, power washers are high powered jets that spray water at a powerful force from a water tank. The pressure is very high as it comes from the hose, and the high speed of the jet washers can be used for a range of tasks such as cleaning garden furniture, outdoor cleaning and as a patio cleaner for example. Your business premises may be in dire need of an outside makeover, which could include the cleaning down of window panes and even patio decking. Below, you’ll find some of the best examples of where pressure washers are used and how:

Stores - A store on the high street isn’t going to stop making a good first impression, because first impressions really count. Is anyone going to walk into a high street store that is filthy on the outside? No, they’re definitely not. With an onsite pressure washer and staff to use them, the windows, doors, shutters and even the pavements outside could be cleaned up daily if necessary. This is why one of the Pramac pressure washers could be a great investment for your business. Any asset as part of a store business will be left looking new and impressive, every single time.

Manufacturers - Companies that manufacture products are some of those that need to have impossibly high standards of cleanliness and health and safety. With a petrol or diesel pressure washer, you can hose down machinery, clean components of your products and mop up spillages that can cause hazards. It could be one of the best assets that you ever invest in.

Car Wash -There are many hand car washing businesses that spring up when the weather is warm and with the right equipment, your business could be profitable. Hand car washing businesses rely on a quick service, and with the right pressure washers, this is exactly what can be achieved. That, and a happy customer base.

Cleaners -Cleaners are a vital piece of the business puzzle, as without them your business cannot maintain the tidy image that you are creating for yourself. Businesses that focus on commercial cleaning facilities are required to have equipment that works. With the right pressure washers and the right fuel, you can get your work done in half the time with twice the results. Squeaky clean windows and floors without as much elbow grease as previously.

Pressure washers are an excellent investment across more than one industry, which is exactly why owning one could set you apart from others in your field.

Why Choose a Pressure Washer?

There is a wide-range of different cleaning tools on the market, but to be truly efficient, you have to eliminate what doesn’t work and figure out what’s going to be important to your budget for your business. The best available cleaning tool out there are either petrol power or diesel cold or hot water pressure washer like the ones carried by Diesel Generator Direct.

There are tons of benefits to choosing pressure washers over the other types of cleaning equipment that your business could use, and here are some of those reasons:

  • Knowing that you can get a cleaning job done very quickly as well as thoroughly can really help you to decide to use pressure washers over elbow grease.
  • The high bar pressure can be more than you expect, which means less scrubbing and more jet stream washing.
  • It doesn’t matter what the weather is, you can still use your choice of pressure washer. The weather won’t interrupt your business practices or strategies to keep the front of the premises clean.
  • Pressure washers have a really long life span, which can help you to realise that they are a reliable piece of business equipment.
  • The design of the gun and the hose means that those hard to reach areas that really gather dust and dirt can be reached.
  • Pressure washers are affordable as a cleaning equipment option. They are cheap to run in terms of fuel but they also have a cold water option which makes them more eco-friendly.
  • It shouldn’t be too much of a selling point, but pressure washers are fun to use as well as easy, which means that you don’t find the job a slog to complete.

Pressure washers with an electric start are the way to keep your equipment protected. It all comes down to the brand that you want to use, and Diesel Generator Direct carries Pramac, who are an industry leader in pressure washing equipment. Since 1966, Pramac have been dealing with clients who want to do more for their business cleaning processes by providing clients with the best quality pressure washers around. Pramac is the most solid choice if you are looking for fantastic pressure washers, as the technology is advanced and as modern as could be.

Pressure Washer Safety

Safety is so important when you are using a pressure washer, and it pays to know what could go wrong and knowing the rules of how to use a pressure washer safely is vital to the future of your company. It’s one thing to have a high tech gadget, but it’s a lawsuit if that gadget is misused. So, here are some of the most important guidelines that you should follow so that you can stay as safe as possible while you operate yours.

  • Never point the pressure washer at anyone or anything alive - humans or animals. It’s not a standard garden hose and the pressure behind the stream of water can slice through skin and cause some serious injury. Point it at what you’re cleaning and nothing else.
  • Safety equipment is a vital part of the puzzle. Goggles, helmets and strong gloves are highly recommended before you start to operate as you should aim to keep yourself safe.
  • If you’re on a ladder or standing on anything off the ground, do not use your pressure washer. You need to be on level ground at all time to keep your balance, and the powerful recoil can throw you from a height; not fun!
  • Always maintain a good distance of at least six feet when cleaning with a high powered pressure washer, particularly around electrical wiring and outlets.
  • In between uses or nozzle changes, always use the safety lock on your Pramac pressure washer. This can stop any accidental bursts of high powered spray when you’re not intending to use the washer.

When not in use, store your pressure washer equipment indoors. Where you can, keep it clean and away from places it could rust; it’s an expensive piece of equipment and should be treated as such. Diesel Generator Direct is here to help you with your pressure washer purchase, so contact us today for more.

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