EnviroBulka 18,000 ltr Fuel Tank

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BD4000 EnviroBulka Fuel Tank

ENVIROBULKA 18,000 Ltr steel-insteel bunded fuel tank

Easily maintain and inspect your EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD4000. This 18,175 litre tank features an access hatch allowing you to easily inspect and maintain your investment. The full height cabinet can house pumps, reels, hoses, connections while also storing oil cans and other fuelling equipment. Manway covers on the top of the tank allow for access to the inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection. Designed with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for easy tank handling and relocation when empty. The cabinet spill sup contains any spills or drips. The tank is 110% bunded to comply with PPG2 Regulations. Manufactured to BS799 part 5 for above ground oil storage. The full height, lockable equipment and letterbox-style ports enable fuel pumping while the cabinet is locked. Top-mounted outlets prevent seepage of fuel.

  • Robust steel in steel construction ensures security, whilst 110% weatherproof bund complies with environmental requirements for fuel storage.
  • Pump, nozzle, hoses and generator feed & return connections are all housed within secure, lockable bund compartment. Feed and return hoses can be fed through openings enabling generator to be run whilst connections are kept secure in compartment- helps to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Manhole providing access to inner tank for maintenance and inspection
  • Fitted with lifting eyes and forklift access for ease of handling while empty and relocation of tank.
  • All outlets are top mounted above fuel level helping prevent weepage of fuel. Suction pipe to help remove any fluid from the bund.
  • X2 heavy duty mesh shelves for other equpiment storage.
  • Optional anti-siphon valve available for extra environmental protection.
  • Bund sensor to detect fluid in bund


ONSITE OR YARD FUEL SUPPLY - Popular unit that’s typically used to refuel vehicles, construction machinery, and agricultural equipment.

BULK FUEL STORAGE Static bulk storage that can enable significant cost savings with purchasing fuel.


    • Agriculture
    • Fuel Distribution
    • Logistics

Call: +44 (0) 1977 657 989 or email: enquiries@dieselgeneratordirect.uk for more information

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More Information
Accessory Type Fuel Tanks
Fuel Tank Capacity 18,175 Litres
Weight 4500 / 20,700 kg (Unladen / Laden)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4,560 x 2,300 x 2,560 mm
Design Approvals BS799 & PPG2
Cabinet Dimensions Depth: 680 mm