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MTU Generators

Here at Diesel Generator Direct, we stock a full range of diesel generators by Pramac featuring MTU engines. We are consistently updating our stock of MTU Generator solutions and products to our website, and whatever your generator needs, we will have something suitable for you.

MTU Engines

MTU Friedrichshafen is a core brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, a global-leading manufacturer of high- and medium-speed diesel engines together with complete drive systems, distributed energy systems and fuel injection systems for the most demanding requirements.

MTU Size

At Diesel Generator Direct we currently stock a range of high power generator solutions from MTU ranging from 802 kVA (prime) up to 2370 kVA (prime), all the sets are open but can be containerised on request. These size sets are ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as data centres for either backup or continuous power.

Pramac MTU Generators

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large engines for onsite energy, MTU onsite energy make high-performance equipment you can trust implicitly, and wherever you need power, you can rest assured that reliability will be there in full fashion. When it comes to engines built by MTU, and when combined with the design work of the young and dynamic Pramac company, you can expect generator sets with MTU engines performing well beyond your expectations.

Whether you are needing a generator set for construction, power plants, transport, water treatment and more, your investment needs to be the perfect combination of performance, reliability and diversity - and the Pramac MTU generator range delivers in spades.

Customers can expect a vast selection of generator sets, each housing the high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low emission engines, built to last and designed for ultimate performance.

Innovation, versatility, flexibility and competitiveness are the names of the game for Pramac. The company’s generators are renowned for their quality and customers from all over the globe are looking to Pramac as one of the leading lights of the generator industry. It has a vast range of different products, and the items stocked by us here are Diesel Generator Direct are picked for high performance needs for high performance companies.

MTU Online Energy is a world-leading provider of power system solutions, and has been in business for over 60 years. It is also one of the core brands of Rolls Royce Power Systems AG, which just goes to show the class of engine you will be getting with a Pramac generator complete with MTU engine. Customers can expect generator units of all descriptions and all power ranges, up to 2,500 kW.

We stock a constantly updated range of Pramac MTU engine generators. These include the GSW880M which runs at a frequency of 50Hz and features prime power PRP of 802.41 kVA. For more powerful requirements, check out the GSW1000M, which comes equipped with standby power LTP of 1010.05 kVA and prime power PRP of 913.46 kVA. For those looking for even more zip, the GSW 3365M racks up an astonishingly powerful 3028 kVA prime power PRP, and 3300 kVA standby power LTP at 50Hz frequency.

What makes the perfect choice for your needs when it comes to buying a Pramac generator with MTU engines? Customers should be aware that generator dimensions are usually strictly related to the quantity of the power they can supply. You will need to add up the wattage of all the appliances, tools and lighting needs you require to be connected to the generator - check the identification plate on the products you use, or look in the owner’s manual for each device. Then it’s a simple case of getting the right starting and running wattage of those devices to determine the power that you will need.

Generators are powerful, bulky and strong pieces of equipment but they still need a good level of care and attention if you want to protect your investment. Unsurprisingly, it’s the engine that needs most of the looking after, but it’s not too much of a hardship - check your instruction manual to find out how often you need to replace your engine oil, which is typically about once every year. Lost your user’s manual? You can head over to the Pramac website to download another copy. Alternatively, if you have a problem with your generator, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Diesel Generators Direct, and our team will be happy to advise on your next steps.

If you are looking for a next-level generator to power your business, project or organisation forward, you can’t go wrong with diesel generator sets by Pramac featuring MTU engines. See below for all our current stock, and come back at a later date if we don’t have what you need immediately. Or, just give our team a call - we will be happy to help.

The MTU generators on this page are organised in kVA (prime power) size order. for larger sizes please scroll down the page

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