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50 kVA Generators

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50 kVA Generators

If you are unsure what you need exactly then choosing a generator can take some careful thought, and plenty of research too. Whether you have bought and handled gensets before or you're completely new to the world of generators, you need to know what size and power capacity is right for your needs. You might be looking for a home generator for your home or perhaps your business, and you require something that can easily take care of everything that you want to run. Our 50 kVA diesel generators could be what you're looking for, providing an excellent choice for both consistent power and emergency backup power. Let's take a look at the many applications that 50 kVA generators offer and how to decide whether one is right for you.

50 kVA Diesel Generators

Currently, in our 50 kVA range, we have the 3 phase generator for sale, Cummins C55D5e silent diesel generator set which runs at 50 kVA for prime power application and at 55kVA when used for standby power, this Cummins Power Generation set conforms to current Tier IIIa emission regulations. The C55D5e genset comes with a PS0500 control panel for automatic startup. This Cummins UK silent generator can be picked up from our factory in Yorkshire or alternatively if you are looking for a delivered price then please get in touch with us, let us know the final destination of your generator and we’ll supply a price delivered to a location of your choice.

50 kVA Genset

A 50 kVA generator supplies a lot of electric power, so you might be considering buying one if you require something beyond a small, portable generator. If you only want to run a couple of things, a generator with less power could be suitable for your needs. However, many people will find that they require more power, even if they're looking for a generator for domestic use.

50kVA Open Generators

Our 50 kVA generators are suitable for a broad range of commercial applications, as well as for use in the home. A 50 kVA diesel generator gives you 40 kW of power, which could help to keep your home running, especially if you need to run lots of appliances and other electrical equipment. While some homeowners might not need a generator that is quite as powerful and could be happy with a generator such as an 11 kW generator, others will find that they require a lot more power for their generator, whether they need backup power or they're looking for something to provide continuous power. A 50 kVA generator in your home could keep your lights, washing machine, stove, TV, computer and many other appliances and electronics going.

50kVA Power Generators

Many small businesses will also find that a 50 kVA generator will work for them. Small businesses often decide to look for a suitable generator to provide backup power so that power failures do not disrupt their business in any meaningful way. Other small businesses might require a generator that provides continuous power in the absence of another power source that is suitable. A 50 kVA generator is particularly suitable for businesses that require backup power to keep some of the core elements of their business going, such as servers.

A 50 kVA generator can offer emergency backup power in a number of environments. Unlike some generators, a generator large enough to supply 50 kVA of power is unlikely to be portable, so it's best for homes or businesses that have a strong need for backup power and don't wish to be able to take their generator to different locations to provide power. When you're looking for an emergency generator, it's vital that it provides enough power. If you've already lost your primary power source, you don't want your backup generator to power you too. A 50 kVA generator is perfect for emergency backup power not just for homes that want to run various electrical items and appliances, but also for small businesses that need to focus on business continuity and preventing costly disruption. Our 50 kVA generators provide even more power as a backup power supply, offering 55 kVA when running as backup.

Some people might want to look at a 50 kVA generator to provide continuous power for their home or business. Our generators have a prime rating of 50 kVA, making them suitable for many applications where there is no main power supply from a utility company. 50 kVA generators supply plenty of power for anyone who needs a primary power supply from a generator, including businesses that require a power supply for their premises, agricultural operations or anyone else who might not have easy access to power from the grid. Many business types of even domestic customers might find that a 50 kVA generator can meet their continuous power needs. Perhaps you want to keep your construction business, agricultural company or even office running at all times.

If you want to know whether a 50 kVA generator is suitable for your power needs, you should spend some time calculating how much power you require. Even homeowners looking for emergency backup power can find that a 50 kVA generator is their best option if they experience frequent power outages. To calculate the size of the generator you need, you need to take a look at the appliances and equipment that you want to run from it. You should consider the power that each item needs to run so that you can add up the power that you will likely require. It's always better to have more power than you need, rather than risk not having enough.

The easiest thing to do is probably to work out how many watts each item or system you want to power requires. 50 kVA is equivalent to 40 kW (or 40,000 watts), so you can calculate whether a 50 kVA generator is right for you using this method. It's easy to find lists of different items and how many watts they typically require, and some appliances or equipment might list the figure in their manuals or directly on the item. For example, a laptop might require around 75W, while a central air conditioning system could require up to 5,000W (or 5kW). Remember to take into account that some things might require different amounts of power at different times. For example, some things might use more power when they're starting up or turning on than when they're running.

A 50 kVA generator is a quality investment for many people in both domestic and commercial or industrial settings. Whether you need a backup power source for emergencies or you're looking for continuous power to provide a primary power source, a 50 kVA generator offers you plenty of power to take care of your needs.

A 50kVA power generator would be a suitable genset for use as a backup home or small business generator in case of a power cut or power outage in your area and can be modified to kick into action the moment the power from the grid drops. For more information on current UK power cuts, take a look out our handy power cut checker that lets you see where power cuts are occurring right now in the UK and Ireland.

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