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Cummins Generators

Cummins Diesel Generator sets available in a range of sizes to meet any application. These clean, modern diesel generators with optional exhaust after treatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.

Ensuring that a property is blessed with enough electricity 24/7 is a must for most business and homeowners. Cummins Power Generation deliver a fleet of diesel power generators powered by Cummins engines to cater for most scenarios from backup power to small houses and businesses right up to huge remote industrial operations. As a backup or continuous source of energy, you won’t find a better solution than Cummins Diesel Generators.

While millions of homeowners ignore this as a crucial investment, there is no doubting that you should add one to your property ASAP. Here’s why you need one for your family’s needs.

Cummins Diesel Generators

Appreciating the need for a backup power generator is one thing, but navigating the market to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements is another altogether. It can feel like a minefield. Do I need an open or silent generator? should the generator be single or three phase? automatic or manual start? do I need a Tier IIIa set (emission solution) are a few of the initial questions you may have. Thankfully, when equipped with the right answers, you won’t go far wrong and if you need help finding the right genset for you get in touch with the helpful staff here at Diesel Generator Direct who will be only too happy to assist you.

When searching for diesel power generators, there are a variety of factors to consider. Make sure that you ask the following questions before making any selection:

Can the manufacturer be trusted?

Cummins is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of diesel power generators. Cummins UK has been helping homeowners and businesses with their backup power supply requirements since 1956 and has carved out a reputation of being one of the best.

The company as a whole boasts a global reputation while Cummins power generators are heralded as being premium quality goods. When added to their exceptional customer care and support, you can use the firm with immense confidence.

Does the product satisfy my power needs?

If you have decided to invest in a Cummins generator, it’s imperative that it is capable of delivering enough power for your needs. While the home isn’t going to need quite as much power as commercial premises, the modern home can still go through a lot of juice at peak times.

Cummins Diesel Generator

Cummins manufacturer generator power systems starting at 20kVA up to 3000kVA, with a wide-range of options in between. While your home requirements are likely to be at the lower end of the spectrum, you can be sure that there will be a generator model that’s suited to your needs.

Can the generator be tailored around my usage?

In addition to having unique requirements regarding power, you may have slightly contrasting uses to other homeowners. Cummins generators are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. So, whatever you need, this is a great starting point.

Does the product in question offer value for money?

When you compare Cummins UK products with other brands, it’s clear to see that Cummins Power Generation offers very affordable in comparison to similar models from competing manufacturers.

More tellingly, the quiet performance of their acoustically treated canopied silent generators with optional exhaust after treatment make them reliable, quiet and durable. Regardless of how frequently they are used, there’s no doubting that they will offer the level of performance that will keep you smiling for many years.

The answers to all of those questions highlight why Cummins generators are a great solution.

Buying Your Cummins Diesel Power Generator

Whether you know which model you need or need a little support analysing the various Cummins power generators, give us a call on 01977 657 989 or email today.

Cummins Power Generation

The function of a Cummins generator is easy to understand. Like all generator sets they deliver power when from the grid is not possible or available. The location may be too far from a main grid connection or in the event of a power blackout/outage it will supply enough electricity to keep operations running. The use of an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch will enable the generator to seamlessly kick into action the moment the mains supply drops. But why is a Cummins business or home generator such an important item to possess? Let’s take a closer look.

#1. Cheaper To Run

Diesel power generators aren’t the only option on the market, and you may have considered a petrol alternative. In truth, the diesel solution is the kindest on your bank balance. The fuel auto ignites too, which will reduce the maintenance costs.

The diesel units burn at lower temperatures too, which helps the product enjoy a longer lifespan. Given that the cost of fuel can be around 40% cheaper too, the financial aspects alone make this a very simple decision.

#2. Diesel Units Are Safer

Diesel is also the safer option for home power generators. This is primarily due to the auto-ignition properties. The lack of a spark reduces the chance of ignition compared to the petrol alternatives. Every homeowner should see this as a selling point.

Additional features such as the FSO fuel shut off, configurable dry outputs, and integrated fuel ramping all lead to an increased sense of safety. When choosing Cummins power generators, the heavy duty housing offers excellent protection against weather damage.

#3. Diesel Power Generators Act Fast

A power generator that requires manual configurations and control is still good. However, a diesel power generator that clicks in automatically can stop devices and items turning off because it will act almost immediately. This prevents the threat of losing work or your place in an online game.

It also saves the time and hassle connected to re-configuring the digital clocks and other settings on various appliances. Most importantly, though, you’ll have a reliable flow of electricity at all times. This makes the power outage far less scary for kids and allows you to get on with life as normal.

#4. Diesel Generators Are Compact

When investing in any backup power source, you’ll need to consider the physical dimensions too. After all, you don’t want it consuming large areas of the external spaces. Diesel generators can be very compact, especially if you only need one for general home usage.

Furthermore, some of the generators are portable, which means you can use them in a variety of other situations, such as on a static home holiday. Even if you never take advantage of this, it’s nice to know the option is there.

Cummins UK

#5. Emotional Reassurance

Prevention is always the best form of protection. Even if a product is never needed, knowing that you have it at your disposal can make a world of difference to your frame of mind. When dealing with diesel power generators, this can translate to a better relationship with the home.

Electricity isn’t only used for watching TV and playing video games. Whether you work from home or need to power a fish tank filter 24/7, knowing that the backup power supply is ready to kick in within seconds should make a telling impact.

In conclusion, diesel power generators can make life more comfortable and can be considered an essential tool as you prepare for the worst situations that could ever hit your home. While there are many manufacturers to choose from, Cummins is one that you should consider under all circumstances.

Cummins power generation products conform to many of the highest accreditation standards in the world including:

  • 2000/14/EC
  • ISO8528
  • Designed in facilities certified to ISO9001 and manufactured in facilities certified to ISO9001 or ISO9002.
  • Prototype test supported
  • CE Certification
  • AS 3000 AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical Installations
  • IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
  • NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • CSA certified to product class 4215-01

With decades of unrivaled experience, Cummins is a world leader in the production of reliable power generation solutions ranging from 15 kVA to 3750 kVA.

With a range of superior quality, reliable products designed to the very highest standards, they are committed to minimising downtime in your business

When you use a Cummins power generator, you are getting:

  • Superior engineering quality
  • Reliability and durability
  • Ease-of-use
  • Industry-leading sound attenuation
  • Reduced emissions
  • Fuel efficiency
  • One of the largest networks of factory-trained service technicians
  • Low total cost of ownership over the life of the system

All prices are ex-works and subject to VAT at the current rate. E&OE

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  1. 20 kVA Cummins

    22kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £5,687.99 £4,739.99
  2. 25 kVA Cummins

    28kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £6,554.40 £5,462.00
  3. 30 kVA Cummins

    33kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £6,434.40 £5,362.00
  4. 35 kVA Cummins

    38kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £6,752.40 £5,627.00
  5. 40 kVA Cummins

    44kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £9,250.80 £7,709.00
  6. 50 kVA Cummins

    55kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £9,736.80 £8,114.00
  7. 60 kVA Cummins

    63kVA Standby
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £13,920.00 £11,600.00
  8. 60 kVA Cummins

    66kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £10,464.00 £8,720.00
  9. 82 kVA Cummins

    90kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £11,637.60 £9,698.00
  10. 100 kVA Cummins

    110kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

  11. 130 kVA Cummins

    150kVA Standby
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    £15,594.00 £12,995.00
  12. 155 kVA Cummins
    155 kVA Cummins

    170kVA Standby
    CUMMINS · C170D5
    380V / 415V
    3 Phase · Auto Start
    Excluding Delivery

    Special Price £15,840.00 £13,200.00 Regular Price £16,296.00
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