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Diesel Generator Direct is a UK diesel generator company operating in Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of the world; Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. With more than 25 years of experience in the genset export market, we have developed a reputation for manufacturing and selling high-quality diesel generator solutions for the worldwide market.

Diesel Generator Direct supply a wide range of generators at both 50 and 60Hz and offers both single or three phase power outputs suitable for all markets, including Sweden. Choose from leading brands like Perkins Generators, Cummins Generators or Pramac Generators. A range of configurations and customisations are available such as automatic transfer switches or fuel tanks to suit your exact requirements. We stock small portable generators right up to heavy-duty industrial power generators, open or super silent.

Diesel Generators Sweden

Diesel Generator Direct has supplied Diesel Generator solutions to Sweden since our early days. We are proud to have developed a swift service across the Irish Sea to ensure our gensets arrive on time as expected. Irish Diesel Generator Direct customers fundamentally demand reliability and efficiency of a generator and that it must be relied upon to keep businesses operational should the mains supply fail.

Generators to Sweden

In Sweden, our diesel generators are suitable for use in practically any application, including:

  • Police Headquarters, Hospitals, Fire Stations, Military Bases and Universities all rely on constant power with independent back-up.
  • Private homes where a home generator provides peace of mind all year round
  • Telecommunication hubs where power is essential to keep Sweden connected
  • Data Centres, relying continuous power supply
  • Agriculture
  • Mining, power failure underground has considerable safety and production implications
  • Manufacturing plants, particularly where a halt in production causes significant losses
  • Continuous industrial processes
  • Commercial businesses where 24/7 trading is essential

Home Generator Sweden

Single phase home generators from Diesel Generator Direct start from 2kVA and come in a variety of physical sizes. Choose from either open or canopied, manual, automatic or recoil startup options. All Diesel Generator Direct generators utilize proven high-quality engine and alternator combinations. Our customers generally demand a home generator comprising a Perkins or Cummins engine, however, we hold a range of other solutions from leading generator manufacturers.

Silent Generator Sweden

Diesel Generator Direct stock a massive range of silent generator solutions. We stock silent generators from 1 to 1500 kVA. Each silent generator comes with acoustic treatment to keep the sound of the engine to a minimum outside the confines of the genset itself.