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At Diesel Generator Direct, we’ve been providing generators and generating sets to customers for over 25 years. With all that experience, we’ve developed our skills and make sure that every customer leaves us satisfied with their purchase. Customers all over the UK will attest to this, but it’s not just UK customers we’re looking to serve. Our generators are also available for customers in Ireland. Shipping to Ireland is a big part of what we do and our location means we’re ideally placed geographically to supply the goods for our Irish customers.

If you’ve been looking for a generator in Ireland but haven’t yet found what you’ve been looking for, it’s time you let us help you out. With our experience, knowledge and a range of products that’s sure to impress you, you can’t go far wrong by taking advantage of our services. It’s a pleasure to serve Ireland and help meet the country’s power generation needs. Read on to find out more about what we can do for you and what we offer.

Here to Serve Ireland

Diesel Generator Direct is located in West Yorkshire, meaning we’re one of the best-placed UK company when it comes to shipping generators across to Ireland. The process is smooth and hassle-free at your end because we’ll get all the work done for you. All you’ve have to do is wait for your purchase to arrive on the agreed date. There’s no company in the UK that makes it easier for Irish customers to buy generators in the UK and have them shipped across to Ireland.

It doesn’t matter which of our generator solutions you choose to purchase, we’ll get it to you safely and securely, as well as in a timely manner. We have vast experience of transporting goods across to Ireland and all over the globe so we know how to get it done swiftly and without any of the headaches that might be caused if you bought from a company that doesn’t ordinarily ship to Ireland from the UK. Irish customers trust us to serve them, and we’re always happy to go the extra mile for you.

Power Products for Ireland

We aim to make buying our products as easy as it can be, but before you make an enquiry, you need to browse through our extensive range of products to find the generator that’s right for you. We have diesel generators, portable generators and fuel tanks and pressure washers of all types and sizes. So no matter what it is you’re looking for, we can help you out.

Diesel Generators Ireland

Our range of diesel generators really is the corner-stone company. We’re proud to offer an extensive range of generators from compact 5kVA sets right up to 3000 kVA heavy-duty industrial gensets to our Irish customers, and you’re sure to locate what you’re looking for by the time you’ve browsed through all the options. If not? We also manufacture bespoke customisations and solutions such as automatic transfer switches, exhaust solutions or bespoke fuel tanks.We stock generators from company including Pramac, Perkins, FG Wilson, Cummins and others. We also have a generator for just about every kVA size you might be requiring from 1 right up to 3000 kVA. We hold a stock on site of open and silent generators, automatic, recoil and manual startup, single or three phase and generators that conform to the tier IIIa emissions guidelines.

Home diesel generators are essential for anyone who wants to be sure that they can keep their home running and functioning 24/7, 365 or anyone living with an untrustworthy connection to the main grid, perhaps in the countryside. On top of that, we have canopied silent generator options as well as open diesel generators. We aim to cater for just about every home generator need out there. Our store even stocks electric generators. So it’s about time you familiarised yourself with our store.

Portable Generators Ireland

We have both diesel and petrol portable generators available for sale, and they’re manufactured by Pramac, a leading light in European portable generators. Some contain Yamaha engines and others are Honda, but they can all be relied on to get the job done in a safe, straightforward way. And most importantly, they will be robust enough to withstand usage for a long time whilst still being portable.

Pramac portable generators are known to be reliable and they’re also user-friendly, so you won’t have any problems getting to grips with them and understanding how they work pretty quickly.

Fuel Tanks

Storing and handling fuel and liquids is something that many generator owners have to do. It’s important that this is done safely and properly, which is something we understand very well. That’s why our range of fuel tanks manufactured by Western Global are so important to customers in Ireland and the UK.

We have fuel tanks of all kinds of different sizes available on our website, and they’re all capable of getting the job done safely and properly. EnviroBulka models are good for businesses that have to store large amounts of fuel at any one time, but we have plenty of smaller options for homeowners as well.

Our Specialists Are Ready to Help You and Offer Advice

We regard ourselves, with good reason, as specialists in the field of power generators. We’ve been working in this field for more than two decades, and that experience helps us to help our customers, whether they’re in Ireland or beyond. We offer free advice to customers who have questions or want to find out more about what we can do for them. You might not know much about diesel generators yet, but we certainly do and we’re here to help you.

You shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch if there are things you want to learn more about. If you want a bespoke arrangement putting in place, our team of specialists can help you with that as well. No matter what your request or your query, you can come to us and expect to be dealt with by a specialist who understands generators inside out. That’s our promise to you, and you won't be left disappointed.

With the right people to help and a range of products that’s sure to meet your needs, we believe we’re ideally placed to help Irish customers looking to invest in a generator. Whether you’re looking for a domestic, home or commercial solution, we can help you find that you need. So don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you have bespoke needs because we’re always ready to help you find what you’re looking for.