Diesel Generator Frequently Used Industry Terms


Electrical generator that creates alternating current

AC power including a unity power factor, this is measured in Watts.

A circuit breaker that uses air as the acrc extinguishing media (ACB) See Circuit Breaker.

An Electrical Generator that creates an alternating current.

View: Damper Winding

Controls that use a variable voltage or current to pass information.

The result of current and voltage inside an alternating circuit which has a reactive element.

An Arc-Flash is created by the super-quick release of energy due to an arcing fault between a conductor & another conductor, neutral or a ground. When an arc fault occurs the air is the conductor. Arc faults are typically limited to systems where the bus voltage exceeds 20 volts. Lower voltage levels typically don't sustain an arc. An arc fault is like an arc created during electric welding & the fault has to be manually started by something creating the path of conduction or a failure like a breakdown in the insulation.

The assembly of winding's and iron core in which the generator output is produced.Sometimes referred to as the Startor to avoid confusion.

The assembly of windings and iron core in which the generator output is produced.Sometimes referred to as the Stator to avoid confusion.

A set of European Directives explaining what equipment and working environment is permitted within an explosive atmosphere. ATEX is an acronym derived from the French: Atmospheriques Explosives.

Reduce the emissions of sound from within a diesel generator enclosure.

A transformer switching set to keep a reduced level of voltage being applied to a motor during start up.

This is when the generator takes over the power supply from the main supply in the event of a power cut or power outage.

A device that can be attached to a generator to make the genset kick into action when the supply from the main grid drops due to a power cut or power outage. The device is commonly know as an ATS Switch and can be purchased and added to your set here at Diesel Generator Direct.

Used to control and maintain the constant voltage of an AC generator. It works by sensing the terminal voltage and altering the field current.

A transformer switching configuration that will reduce the voltage being applied to an electrical motor during the startup process.

as VAr increases the AVR voltage is reduced.


A fail-safe to kick into action only after the main protective device(s) have failed to work.

The portion of load a generator delivers which is consistent. Its is also the lowest level of output a genset can produce without shutting down. The base load can refer to this or the base load of power a client requires to power their operation.

On a generator set the bed plate sometimes refereed to as a base plate is a metal fabricated structure where the other elements of the diesel generator set sit on top of; the engine, generator, control panel and radiator

A 'berm' is a level area such as a shelf or a raised barrier usually made from soil which has been compressed to separate two areas. Berms are often used along the side of a river as a form of flood protection, they can also be used to provide visual and noise separation, when there is a non-stop berm surrounding an area it is then called a bund.

Biodiesel is a fuel which is made-up wholly or partially from derived from vegetable and/or vegetable animal oils.


Hygroscopy is when a substance attracts and holds water molecules from the surrounding environment via. This is achieved through either absorption where the water enters the substance or adsorption where the water molecules sit on the surface in a film (like when we see oils on the surface of a pond). Hygroscopy can change the dynamic of the substance in volume, boiling point, viscosity, or other physical characteristic or property of the substance, as water molecules can become suspended between the substance's molecules in the process.