Data Centre Diesel Generators

Data Centre Diesel Generators


Data Centre Diesel Generators

We live in a world that is increasingly reliant on data and technology. Businesses rely on data in order to keep themselves going. Whether the business provides an online service which customers access via the internet, or whether they are holding valuable customer information, maintaining this data is a major priority.

With the vast amounts of information that some businesses are now holding, entire data centres are required to store it all. While smaller businesses may rely on larger tech companies to provide their own data storage needs, the more data you are handling and processing, the greater the need for your own data centre.

Data Centre Diesel Generators

Data centres require a great deal of power. The more information they are storing and handling, the more power they will consume. With the need for the energy that supplies these major data centres comes the need to ensure that the lights never go out.

Data Centre Generators

Keeping a data centre firing on all cylinders means that you need to have back-up plans in place. The best solution for data centre back-up power is to have a diesel generator fitted and maintained.

Data Centre Generators

Whatever your business does, there is very likely another company that is in the same line of business. This means, that your customers have always got other options out there if your service does not meet their expectations.

Quiet Generator for Data Centres

Whether your business has a website that your customers will need access to, or you run an app or service that people will want to access, they need to be able to connect to your services. In order to do this, your systems must be working.

We live in a 24/7 society. The internet does not sleep, and there should never be any let up in your service. Your website should be available all day, every day. This is what your customers will expect from you. And, the bigger your business, the more customers you will have to access your resources at any one time.

A short term power outage to your data centres will leave your website out of action. This might affect your revenue considerably. A power outage is often not something that is easily fixed. Even if it is a temporary fault with the grid, or has been caused by severe weather conditions, the amount of time it might take your data centre to come back online and to recover after a loss of power may be considerable.

A short amount of time without your systems and services running may have financial implications. And, you will no doubt have peaks within the use of your website and services. If this power outage occurred during your busiest period, it may cost you considerably more.

Downtime is not good for any business. Long gone are the days when it was deemed as even remotely acceptable for a website to be down. The major players in internet technology have led the way in showing other businesses the importance of maintaining a constantly functioning website and online services.

When your data centre goes down because you have lost power to it, you will have a lot of upset customers. The outage may not affect all of your customers. In fact, it will only physically affect those who are trying to get on your website when the outage occurs. And, while it may only be a small percentage of your customers, it is something that may have a much wider impact on your reputation.

Bad news travels fast. If your service is down, you can guarantee that your customers will be sharing this information on social media. The bigger your business, the further this information will spread. Then, the more people start talking about, the more chance the problem will have of being picked up by news outlets. Soon, a bad couple of hours for your business will become a public relations problem

Not only will people be questioning how reliable your service is if your website and systems can go down for any length of time. But, your customers need to feel assured that their personal data is in the safest of hands.

Cybercrime is a major concern and the possibility of a data breach and the chances of identity theft, as a result, is likely to raise alarm bells for many customers. While your data centre will have brought your systems to a standstill through a power outage, your customers do not know this. And, they may have concerns about the wider safety of their data if you have not safeguarded and created a back-up solution for such a simple and rudimentary thing.

All of this amounts to a loss of consumer confidence in your business. This will convert to a major loss of customers and sales. Regaining the trust of your customers may take many years and a lot of hard work and expense. However, this is something that could easily have been avoided by installing a reliable diesel back-up generator.

One of the best solutions to the problem of not losing power to your data centre is to have a reliable source of back-up power. A diesel generator is one of the best back-up power solutions available.

By having a generator fitted to the electrical systems of your data centre, the moment that a power outage occurs, your diesel generator will sense the sudden loss of power and switch itself on. This will provide power to your data centre within seconds.

Once the power has been restored, your diesel generator will sense that electricity is flowing again and it will turn itself off, switching back to the grid as your data centre’s main source of power.

Your back-up may not often be required. However, when you need it the most, it needs to be working. The last thing that you will want is for the power to go down and for your diesel generator to not be able to kick in because it is not working. This will not do your business any good.

Generators that are sat for a long period of time without being used may deteriorate. Moving parts may seize up, and things like rubber seals may perish. While your generator is only there for emergencies, it is important that it is regularly checked to ensure that it is working.

By having your data centre diesel generator serviced on a regular basis by a trained engineer, you will be able to prevent deterioration that may lead to the unit seizing up or not starting when it is needed.

Data centres are a necessary element in the infrastructure of many modern businesses. Much of modern business’ digital data is stored or processed in this type of facility, and to lose power within this valuable asset could be costly. The financial implications in the short term may just be the loss of a few sales during the immediate power outage period. However, the wider issues are that your brand may suffer a considerable loss in consumer confidence.

In order to protect your business and ensure your data centres run smoothly without any outages, it is necessary to install diesel generators. Once installed, it is vital that you have these regularly serviced. In doing this, you will be ensuring that your business is always able to continually function, without any risk to your reputation.