1. Highway Maintenance Diesel Generator

    Highway Maintenance diesel generators

    This Pramac, Perkins Stage iiia Compliant 20kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide prime power to a mobile highway maintenance road marking machine..

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  2. Diesel Generator Crushing Power

    Crushing diesel generators

    This is one of two units supplied to a local stone quarry the Cummins 155 kVA Diesel Generators will provide prime power to newly installed stone crushing / sorting machines

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  3. Diesel Generator Telecoms

    telecoms diesel generators

    Diesel Generator Telecoms -The Telecoms ongoing contract has taken a turn to the larger sets we provide – This 1400 kVA C1675D5 Open Cummins Diesel Generator with oil top up system and day fuel tank is on its way to be installed at a UK telephone exchange near Leeds

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  4. Diesel Generator Backup Power

    backup diesel generators

    Diesel Generator Backup -This Cummins 500 kVA silent Diesel Generator had panel upgrades to Deep sea synchronising controller and motorised circuit breaker to match existing sets on site – the unit is on its way to be installed at an office block near Gateshead.

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  5. Lincolnshire Diesel Generators

    Lincolnshire diesel generators

    This Pramac UK with Perkins engine is a 20 kVA silent diesel generator that was sold and supplied to another UK generator supplier just outside Lincoln in Lincolnshire, UK.

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  6. Truck Wash Power

    truck wash diesel generator

    Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Pramac Perkins 30 kVA GSW30P Diesel Generator, this Pramac with Perkins engine, model number: GSW30P 30 kVA silent generator will be used to power a transport gantry wash.

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  7. Egg Farming Power

    egg farming diesel generator

    This Cummins 100 kVA silent Diesel Generator is on its way to being installed at a UK Chicken Egg Farm, the Generator will provide backup Power in case of a power cut, keeping the automated egg collection running 24/7

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  8. Care Home Perkins Generator Power

    Care Home Perkins Generator Power

    This Pramac Perkins 45 kVA  Silent Generator will provide backup power for a residential care home located in Scotland.

    The Quiet Generator will provide the business with backup power.

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  9. Genset Metal Workshop

    diesel generator to be used for powering a metal workshop

    This 45 kVA Pramac Perkins genset will power a metal work workshop near Nottingham.

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  10. Diesel Generator Mobile Display Power

    perkins diesel generators mobile

    This Perkins-Pramac 20 kVA silent diesel generator will provide prime power to a giant mobile TV advertising display.

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