cummins uk

  1. Office Generator Power

    office diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 20 kVA diesel generator C22D5 will provide backup power to a small office block belonging to a house builder near Bolton, Manchester, UK

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  2. Media Generators

    media diesel generators

    This Cummins 35 kVA silent Diesel Generator along with 63 amp wall mounted ATS panel is on its way to be installed at Media City in Salford near Manchester where it will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure Power Cut.

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  3. Exporting Generators

    exporting diesel generators

    A further Three Cummins C1100 (1100Kva) open diesel generators are loaded for export to Bangladesh.

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  4. Lift Diesel Generator

    lift diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 30 kVA diesel generator is on its ways to be installed into a newly built office complex. The generator will provide emergency backup power to the fire lift on the 7 story building.

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  5. Agricultural Diesel Generator

    agricultural diesel generators

    Agricultural Diesel Generator - This Cummins C330D5 Silent 300 kVA Diesel Generator is on its way to be installed at a large farm near Aberdeen, Scotland. The generator will provide backup power to the whole farm and outbuildings. 

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  6. Sales Generator

    sales diesel generators

    Sales Generator - These two Cummins 20 kva silent diesel generators are being loaded for shipment to Pakistan where they will be used for prime power. 

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  7. Standby Generators

    standby diesel generators

    Standby Generators - This Cummins 35 kVA silent generator will provide backup power to a drilling companies main office near Durham. 

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  8. Waste Diesel Generators

    waste diesel generator

    These two Cummins 100 KVA silent diesel generators will provide backup power to keep the machines running at a waste recycling plant near Bristol. The company has invested in these two machines after nearly three days of power cuts due to the bad weather. 

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  9. Business Generators

    business diesel generator

    This Cummins 100 kVA Silent Diesel Generator C110D5 will provide backup power to a recently opened metalworking machine shop near Lincoln who since opening have experienced several power cuts in the past few months.

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  10. Agriculture Diesel Generator

    agriculture diesel generator

    Agriculture Diesel Generator Power - Farmers across the UK are choosing DIESEL GENERATOR DIRECT to supply them with their backup power needs – This 35 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator will power the lights and essential equipment at a Cardiff farm.

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