1. Office Generator Power

    office diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 20 kVA diesel generator C22D5 will provide backup power to a small office block belonging to a house builder near Bolton, Manchester, UK

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  2. Electrical Generators Birmingham

    20 kVA diesel generator

    This Cummins 22 kVA Silent Diesel Generator was supplied to an electrical contractor who will install the unit at a small office block near Birmingham in the UK. The generator will provide back-up power in the event that the mains fail, keeping yet another business trading when the lights go out.

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  3. Flower Power

    diesel generator for flower drug

    It turns out even flowers need power these days….

    This Cummins 20 kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide backup Power in the event of a mains failure to keep an automated watering system up and running 24/7 at a Garden Centre near Lincoln.

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  4. Events Power

    diesel generator for wedding events venue backup power

    This pair of Cummins 20 kVA Diesel Generators will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure at two wedding event venues, the generators will provide power for the lighting, fridges (for the beer….) and the disco distribution board. Meaning even in the event of a mains failure the weddings will go on.

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