1. Northampton Diesel Generator Power

    Northampton diesel generators

    This Pramac Perkins 13kVA Diesel Generator will provide backup power to keep the ice-cream frozen at a parlour in Northampton.

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  2. Highway Maintenance Diesel Generator

    Highway Maintenance diesel generators

    This Pramac, Perkins Stage iiia Compliant 20kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide prime power to a mobile highway maintenance road marking machine..

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  3. Diesel Generator Crushing Power

    Crushing diesel generators

    This is one of two units supplied to a local stone quarry the Cummins 155 kVA Diesel Generators will provide prime power to newly installed stone crushing / sorting machines

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  4. Diesel Generator Telecoms

    telecoms diesel generators

    Diesel Generator Telecoms -The Telecoms ongoing contract has taken a turn to the larger sets we provide – This 1400 kVA C1675D5 Open Cummins Diesel Generator with oil top up system and day fuel tank is on its way to be installed at a UK telephone exchange near Leeds

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  5. Diesel Generator Backup Power

    backup diesel generators

    Diesel Generator Backup -This Cummins 500 kVA silent Diesel Generator had panel upgrades to Deep sea synchronising controller and motorised circuit breaker to match existing sets on site – the unit is on its way to be installed at an office block near Gateshead.

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  6. Bangladesh Diesel Generators

    Bangladesh diesel generators

    Bangladesh Power - This Cummins 1250 kVA Open Type Diesel Generator is being loaded and shipped to our dealer in Bangladesh.

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  7. Genset for London Fruit markets

    20 kVA diesel generator

    This Cummins 20 kva silent generator will keep the lights on in the event the mains power fails at one of Londons largest fruit markets.

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  8. Silent Generator Building Sites

    35 kVA silent diesel generator

    More and more building contractors are choosing Diesel Generator Direct to purchase their own diesel generator rather than waste the money hiring.
    This Cummins 35Kva silent diesel generator will provide power to brown site welfare units to a building contractor in Wiltshire.

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  9. Diesel Generator for Standby, Prime or Continuous Power Supply

    diesel generator for prime, standby, backup or continuous power

    Businesses, residences and construction crews the world over rely on clean-burning, efficient, quiet diesel generators for standby power, emergency power, prime power or even as a continuous power supply

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