20 kva

  1. Office Generator Power

    office diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 20 kVA diesel generator C22D5 will provide backup power to a small office block belonging to a house builder near Bolton, Manchester, UK

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  2. Marquee Generators

    marquee diesel generators

    This silent trainer-mounted autostart 20 kVA Pramac Generator (Prime) GBW22 Perkins generator will provide prime power to an outdoor event company specialising in Marquee hire, having this genset on a trailer makes it perfect for moving around the country.

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  3. Sales Generator

    sales diesel generators

    Sales Generator - These two Cummins 20 kva silent diesel generators are being loaded for shipment to Pakistan where they will be used for prime power. 

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  4. No Dig Generator

    no dig diesel generators

    No Gig Generator - This 20 kVA key start  GBW22P Pramac Perkins silent diesel generator will provide prime power to a No-Dig mobile mole machine, which excavates underground holes without the need to dig up the surface. 

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  5. Welding Diesel Generator

    welding diesel generator

    This Pramac Perkins 20 kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide prime power to a mobile welding company, to be used on sites across the UK welding and fabricating children’s playground equipment. 

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  6. Smell the Power

    diesel generator for powering a fragrance factory

    This 20Kva Perkins unit is on its way to a fragrance manufacturer in Dubai – the unit will provide prime power to a new bottling machine.

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  7. Flower Power

    diesel generator for flower drug

    It turns out even flowers need power these days….

    This Cummins 20 kVA silent Diesel Generator will provide backup Power in the event of a mains failure to keep an automated watering system up and running 24/7 at a Garden Centre near Lincoln.

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  8. Events Power

    diesel generator for wedding events venue backup power

    This pair of Cummins 20 kVA Diesel Generators will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure at two wedding event venues, the generators will provide power for the lighting, fridges (for the beer….) and the disco distribution board. Meaning even in the event of a mains failure the weddings will go on.

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