20 kva

  1. Belfast Diesel Generator for Backup Power

    Cummins Diesel Generator Delivery to Belfast United Kingdom

    Cummins Diesel Generator for Backup Power- This Cummins C22 D5 20kVA, genset is delivered to a hotel in Belfast, UK. The gen-set will be used to provide standby electricity power in the event of a power cut.

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  2. Gainsborough Diesel Generator

    Gainsborough Farm Backup Power Cummins Silent Diesel Genset

    Gainsborough Farm Backup Power Genset - This 30 kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator will generate backup power for a farmhouse & critical agricultural machinery at a farm in Gainsborough, UK

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  3. Netherlands Diesel Generators

    Netherlands Reseller Power Cummins Silent Diesel Gensets

    Netherlands Reseller Power Gensets - These 2 x 22 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generators are being loaded to be shipped to a generator reseller in The Netherlands.

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  4. Tech Power Diesel Generator

    Tech Power Diesel Generator

    Tech Power Diesel Generator - This 20 kVA Pramac GBW22P Silent Stage IIIa Diesel Generator is heading to Germany where it will be used for backup power to a software developer close to Munich in Bavaria.

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  5. Office Generator Power

    office diesel generators

    This Cummins silent 20 kVA diesel generator C22D5 will provide backup power to a small office block belonging to a house builder near Bolton, Manchester, UK

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