1. Qatar Diesel Generators

    Qatar diesel generators

    Qatar Diesel Generator Power - This 1250 kVA (prime) C1400D5 diesel generator by Cummins will be used to provid backup power for a hospital in Qatar, this large generator will be more than capable of keeping all the essential medical equipment operational should an unexpected power cut occur. The C1400D5 by Cummins Power Generation harneses the many years of experince Cummins have in building efficaint and robust generators.

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  2. Bangladesh Diesel Generators

    Bangladesh diesel generators

    Bangladesh Power - This Cummins 1250 kVA Open Type Diesel Generator is being loaded and shipped to our dealer in Bangladesh.

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  3. Export sales

    diesel generator to be exported to france

    These two Cummins 1400 kVA open diesel generators are on their way to Paris to be installed at a cold store distribution warehouse.

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