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Office Power Genset - This 300 KVA Generator will be used by a Waste Management company in Glasgow, Scotland. They will use the Cummins C330D5 silent Genset to provide backup power to their Recycling Centre.


Waste Silent Generator

The Scottish disposal facility regulates hazardous waste and regular household waste. They use a number of machines to sort and prepare various materials for further treatment before being recycled.

In the past, the Waste Management centre had used gas engines to provide backup power but a recent failure in one of their gas generators meant they had to wait a stunning 90 days for a fix. The company decided that this generator status could not happen again and a better solution was needed.

The safe material disposal company knew that they needed a 300kVA diesel generator before they called us. It was simply a matter of looking at the 300 kVA generator sets on offer and deciding which would fit their needs best.

From the 300 kVA power solutions on offer, the Cummins UK C330D5 stood out as the best solution based on the power, price and energy efficiency. The C330D5 generators produce 300 kVA of power in prime mode and 330 kVA of power when used in backup or standby.

Waste Electric Generator

Every calendar month large quantity generator LQGS was expelled from the old gas generators. The new diesel generators will omit a small quantity generator SQGS. According to the recovery act RCRA, waste heat produced by gas Gensets.

According to new waste guidelines, every 180 days any hazardous waste generator must have a registered ID number to handle any waste vegetable oils.

When looking at the C330D5 the power of the system is delivered by the Cummins Power Generation QSL9G5 engine. The silent generator delivers 476 amps per phase across 3 phase power distribution for seamless delivery of power.

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