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Venue Diesel Generator

This Cummins C220D5e silent 200 kVA power generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to our client in Wiltshire where the genset will be used to provide a source of backup electricity to an events venue in the event of a power cut or sudden loss of power.


Venue Cummins Diesel Generator 200kVA

The management of this wedding, parties and events venue in Wiltshire contacted Diesel Generator Direct to find a genset that they could use to provide a source of backup electrical power in the event of a power cut or sudden loss of power.

Venue Power Genset 200kVA Cummins Gen-sets

The events venue has been closed for the majority of lockdown and has been preparing to come back better and stronger when the UK roadmap out of lockdown allows them to operate again. Along with many refurbishments they have taken care of, the venue has also improved their fundamental operations and power supply was one area that they had identified for improvement as they had suffered from inconvenient power cuts in the past that have cost them financially.

Venue UK Diesel kVA Generators for sale

The Wiltshire events venue contacted Diesel Generator Direct UK after watching a programme about businesses backing up their electricity that was shown on BBC One in the UK and informed us that they were looking for a quiet generator, 50 HZ, 400V, ideally low on emissions that could provide at least 210kVA of backup power when required.

We took a look at our range of 200 kVA silent diesel generators and two generators fit the events venues requirements, the Cummins Power Generation C220D5e and the Pramac GSW210P

The Cummins C220 D5e is powered by a Cummins QSB7G5 engine which provides 200 kVA 160 kW of prime electrical power and 220 kVA 176 kW of standby power. The Cummins C220D5e features a Cummins Stamford UCI274H alternator and Cummins PowerCommand 1.2 automatic control panel. The C220D5e is a tier iiia emission compliant gen-set that comes complete with a battery charger, water heater, set-mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 464-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic canopy making the C220D5 a silent generator at 77 dBA as close as 1metre away from the generator. 

The Pramac GSW210P is powered by a UK diesel built Perkins 1106D-E70TAG4 engine that provides 190.96 kVA / 152.77 kW prime and 210.89 kVA / 168.71kW standby electrical power on demand, the Pramac GSW210P silent diesel generator features a Mecc Alte ECO38-2S alternator and ComAp AC03 Controller. The GSW210P is a tier iiia emissions-compliant genset that comes wrapped in a compact close-fit acoustic canopy that reduces the sound levels to only 68dB from 7 metres away. The Pramac Perkins GSW210P gen-set comes complete with an AVR, bunded fuel tank & alarm, engine heater, battery charger and close-fit acoustic canopy 68 dB(A) at 7m.

After much consideration, the event's venue decided to go with the Cummins C220D5e as their events diesel generator due to the lower cost.

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Venue 200kVA Cummins Diesel Generator in Wiltshire, England