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Truck Wash Generator 

Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Pramac Perkins 110 kVA GSW110 Diesel Generator, it was exported to Romania where it will provide prime power for a small plastic recycling company.

The GSW30 silent generator operates at 30 kVA in prime mode and at 33 kVA for standby power, featuring the Perkins 1103A-33G UK built Perkins engine this acoustically treated genset runs at 43 amps per phase, its a robust and compact generator featuring either a key or automatic startup option.


Track Wash Power

This Pramac Perkins GSW30P 30 kVA silent generator will be used to power a transport gantry wash. The Gantry wash will clean the outside of the lorries as they pass underneath it, the driver simply positions his vehicle underneath the gantry and then the gantry will move up and down the length of the lorry delivering its selected cleaning program. The Gantry can clean many types of commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses or vans. The maximal allowed wash width is set at 2.90 m,  the maximal wash height is 5.05 m The electric cabinet is mounted on the right side and the water and media cabinet on the left side. The gantries come equipped with two pairs of buffer barriers for better safety enhancement.

Coventry Generator

Located in central England Coventry is a city with history, virtually devastated during world war 2 by German Bombing campaigns the city has taken its time to reach its former glory, however, is finally gaining its past glory. With a population of over 325 thousand Coventry is a relatively small city by UK standards and is the 9th largest by population, the city features some iconic and interesting building such as Coventry Cathedral and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

Truck Generator Power

The GSW30 will allow the company to run their generator 24/7 regardless of the power cuts and power outages that appear to be happening more frequently in the past year, having a backup generator will allow any company to continue trading in the event of a power cut in their local area, for more information on UK power cuts take a look at our Power Cut checker which lists all the latest power outage information from across the UK, simply choose your region of the UK or Ireland, input your postcode and see if there are any planned or unplanned power outages in your area. Thanks to the Pramac Perkins GSW30 30 kVA silent diesel generator it won't be a consideration anymore for this Midlands transport company.