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Transport Cummins Power Generator

Transport Cummins Genset - This 130kVA (prime) C150D5 Cummins silent diesel generator will provide a source of backup electricity to heavy-duty transport manufacturer based near to Derby in Derbyshire, the C150 D5 is a silent generator capable of 130 kVA in prime mode and 150kVA of power in standby setting.


Transport Cummins Silent Generator

This heavy-duty transport machinery business from Derbyshire manufacturers a massive range of high-performance, heavy-duty innovative transport equipment with the experience to deliver high-quality business solutions for their customers. Building premium level machinery with a nod towards strength, working life and residual values they endeavour to always the improving their products for the benefit of their customers. This business breaks down into two main categories; transport solutions such as hook lifts, dumper trailers, hook tuck lift equipment and energy solutions such as drying stations and heat exchangers plus much more.

Transport Cummins Power Generators

Being based on the outskirts of Derby the manufacturing facility for this business is based in rural surroundings which have led to an increase in power outages of the past couple of years due to fallen lines, normally the business would have cut their losses and continued but one power cut this year lead to a sustained shut-down of the business for days which in-turn led to an order being delayed and not delivered on time, the business had to compensate their customer and this all meant a big hit on incoming finances for the year. It was obvious to the owner that a backup electricity power solution was needed fast, the amount of business lost on that one order could have paid for five generators so it was an easy decision for the transport business owner to make. He went around his business looking at all the electrical devices and machinery they would need to use in a power cut situation to keep production at normal levels. Once the owner had made a report on the required power he contacted various generator companies from the UK to see if any could help him find what he needed. He was looking for a quiet generator capable of 140kVA in backup mode, he needed the generator to start automatically and to be able to run for over 24hours un-assisted, the client also needed a trailer to take his generator back to Derbyshire.

Transport Cummins Genset

Firstly we wanted to show the client generators that we felt matched his specifications, he needed at least 140kVA of backup power, he was looking for a silent generator, we took a look at all the options in our 150KVA generator range and two specific models looked like they matched the request. Firstly there is the Pramac GSW150 this Genset offers 138kVA of backup power and 148kVA of power for prime power applications, the Pramac GSW 150P is a 400 volt, three-phase, 50Htz Genset. The Pramac GSW150P harnesses the power of a Perkins 1106A-70TG1 engine, a MeccAlte ECP34-1L alternator and Comap control panel. The second option was the Cummins C150 D5 diesel generator that fit the requirements too, the 150D5 is also a silent generator that comes complete with a fitted close-fit acoustically treated canopy that keeps the decibel levels down to a respectable level of only 76 dBA from only 1 metre away from the gen-set, the C22D5 delivers 136 kVA for standby or backup and 150kVA of power when the generator is applied to prime power applications. The Cummins UK C150D5 takes power from a Cummins Power Generation 6BTAA5.9G6 engine. We let the customer know that we can also supply an ATS panel so the generator starts instantly a drop in power from the mains supply is detected and we recommended the Western Global EnviroBulka 2000 litre 22EB fuel tank which will supply the gen-set with fuel for over 24 hours, finally we offered a bespoke built trailer to fit the generator he decides to go for.

The customer decided to go with the Cummins C150D5 silent diesel generator, ATS panel, Western Global, Envirobulka 2000 litre fuiel tank as they managed to source a trailer from another local Derbyshire business.

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