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Tech Power Generator
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Tech Power Diesel Generator

Tech Power Genset - This 20 kVA Pramac GBW22P Silent Stage IIIa Diesel Generator is heading to Germany where it will be used for backup power to a software developer close to Munich in Bavaria.

Tech Power Generator

The client, a software development company based near Munich, Germany, had suffered a few power cuts at the start of the year and needed a backup power solution to keep his team online & working should the mains power drop again.

Tech Power Silent Diesel Generator

20 kVA generators are a very popular size for home generators and small office backup generators. We have many different options of silent generators at this kVA size, but the client chose the 20 kVA Pramac Perkins GBW22P due to its compact size, low noise level & unique lift-up canopy which makes servicing the engine & alternator very easy.

Tech Power Silent Generator

This 3 phase silent diesel generator will provide standby backup power to the company's entire office, from the lights & security systems down to employee's computers and all their other office equipment, allowing the owners & staff to rest easy knowing that a power cut won't affect their ability to continue developing new software & supporting their customers with existing software.