Southport Diesel Generator
Southport Power Generator


Southport Diesel Generator

Southport Genset - This 30 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator is heading to an industrial incinerator manufacturer in Southport. The C33D5 genset will be sold to one of their customers alongside their products for a complete all-in-one solution.

Southport Generator

The client, an industrial incinerator manufacturer based in Southport, UK, has become a regular customer for Cummins silent diesel generators in the 20 kVA to 30 kVA range. The gensets are packaged alongside their incinerator solutions as a standalone backup power supply for the equipment.

Southport Silent Diesel Generator

This Cummins C33D5 diesel generator will be permanently installed on-site to provide backup power to the client's new incinerator. They acquired their first Cummins diesel generator from us a few months ago and have been highly satisfied with the reliability of Cummins' power generators at generating consistent backup power when needed.

Southport Silent Generator

This silent power generator will generate 30 kVA / 24 kW, 3 phase, 400V power and be the essential backup power source for the client's specialist equipment. It's becoming more and more common that people are investing in reliable diesel electric generators to provide backup power to essential equipment that simply can't afford to stop functioning due to a power cut/outage.