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Service Diesel Generator for Backup Electricity

This Cummins Power Generation C38D5 silent diesel generator is being delivered to a motorway service station in England. The 30kVA Cummins genset will be used to supply backup power in the event of a power cut.


Service Cummins Diesel Generators for Sale UK

We were contacted by the head office of a well-known UK motorway service company to provide a backup silent diesel generator to be used as a source of backup electricity for the petrol station area at one of their main UK service motorway stations. A recent power cut at this service station during the early hours resulted in a large loss of income which they do not want to happen again.

Service Silent Diesel Generators UK

The Customer knew that they were looking for a diesel-fueled, quiet generator that could supply 35kVA of backup power.

Service Silent Gensets UK

We took a look at all the silent diesel generator options within our 30 - 40 kVA generator range. There was one particular genset that ticked all the boxes the customer was requesting so introduced the Cummins UK C38D5 diesel generator.

The Cummins C38D5 is a 35kVA (prime) diesel gen-set which is a great choice for a wide range of standby power situations requiring up to 38 kVA, and can supply up to 35 kVA of primary power. The Cummins model C38D5 is a quiet, reliable 35 kVA gen-set. The Cummins Power Generation C38D5 is powered by a Cummins X-Series X3.3G1 engine that provides 35 kVA 28 kW of prime electrical supply and 38 kVA 30.4 kW of power when used in standby or backup power situations.

The Cummins C38D5 features a Cummins Stamford PI144H alternator and Cummins PowerCommand 1.1 automatic control panel. The PowerCommand control panel offers complete control of this silent diesel generator using either the digital display panel with logical user interface mounted onto the side of the generator itself or via the Cummins App which can be installed onto your smartphone giving you complete control of your generator from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Cummins C38D5 silent diesel generator comes with a battery charger, water heater, set-mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 175-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic canopy that keeps the noise produced by the generator down to a very respectable 77 dB as close as 1metre away from the generator itself in operation.

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Although the name suggests diesel generators we also stock a wide range of petrol generators and gas generators for a range of applications and uses.

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