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Sawmill generator

sawmill silent diesel generator
diesel generator to be used for backup at a sawmill
silent generator for sawmill backup
300 kVA Cummins C330D5 being loaded onto transport for delivery to the client

Sawmill Generator

Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Cummins 300 kVA silent generator will provide backup power to a saw mill and timber processing plant near Snowdonia, Wales.

The C330D5 Cummins Silent Generator will be used to keep this business operating during power cuts. it operators with 300 kVA / 240 kW on prime power setting and 300kVA 264kW when being used for backup power, the set features a Cummins Power Generation QSL9G5 engine which delivers power reliability quietly and efficiantly which makes this generator suitable for a wide number of applications in a large number of industries.


Sawmill Diesel Generator

This Cummins Power Generation C330D5 Silent Generator will supply power to a sawmill where logs are cut into lumber. Once trees have been selected for the harvest they are felled and bucked into length, the branches are cut away from the trunk and shipped to the sawmill where the first process is called barking, this is where the bark is removed from the wood, next a sawyer uses a head saw to break the log into cants and filtches which are unfinished planks, then depending on the species of the log, the cants will be further broken down by a resaw into many filtches, next in the process is edging which will take off and trim irregular edges leaving a four-sided lumber.

Sawmill Silent Generator

These days Sawmills are massive and expensive facilities in which many of the processes are computerised meaning the supply of power to the machines is fundamental to the constant production of timber, any time where the machines ar not operational represents a loss of income for the business.