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Romania Recycling
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Romanian Generator 

Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Pramac Perkins 110 kVA GSW110 Diesel Generator, it was exported to Romania where it will provide prime power for a small plastic recycling company.

The GSW110 silent generator runs at 104 kVA in prime mode and 115 kVA for standby application, featuring the Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 UK built an engine this canopied genset runs at 148 amps per phase, this compact and robust generator also features a Comap auto controller for automatic startup.


Romanian National Grid

Romania has large and adequate oil and gas reserves, along with more than enough coal deposits and hydroelectric power plants installed in the southeastern European country famous for the forested region of Transylvania. However, Romania currently imports a significant chunk of oil and gas from Russia and other countries which are mainly from the European Economic region. In an effort to relax this dependency on other nations, Romania is looking at using nuclear power as an alternative to electricity generation. As it stands, Romania currently has a pair of nuclear reactors in Cernavodă, which accounts for around 17–21% of the nations electricity production, the second reactor came online in 2007. 

Romanian Plastic Recycling 

There are many different types of polymer and forms of plastic in the Romanian waste system. Making it significantly harder to sort and process than other materials. This is because plastic is usually lighter in weight meaning more needs to be collected to make it a viable business. So most plastic companies focus their effors of particular types of plastic where there is an end market such as plastic bottles because they are heavier than other types of plastic making them easier to handle and process.

Technically speaking it is possible to recycle the majority of plastic polymers, the complexity and costs involved in doing so have prevented it happening so much in the past. There are some reprocessors that will take mixed polymers; however, the materials produced tend to be of low grade and value. Reprocessing technology is constantly improving and more uses are being found for waste plastics


Romania Power

Currently, Romania is the thirty-eighth largest energy consumer across the globe and a significant producer of their own natural gas, oil and coal which they supply in Europe.