C38D5 Cummins resort diesel generator
Cummins C38 D5 resort generators
C38D5 Cummins genset
C38D5 Cummins 35kVA Diesel Generator


Resort Diesel Generator Power

Resort Diesel Generators - This Cummins C38D5 35 kVA silent diesel generator is on its way to Barbados where it will provide emergency grounds lighting power to a small island holiday resort in the Carribean.

Resort Generator

This Cummins Power Generation silent generator is an ideal power solution for anyone looking for something between a 30 KVA generator and a 40 kVA generator, it's a compact, efficient and robust silent diesel generator for sale here at Diesel Generator Direct UK.

The C38 comes complete with an acoustically treated sound reduction canopy that makes this Genset one of our quiet generator options, if you are looking for a silent generator of any kVA generator power size then take a look at our silent generators page where you will be able to locate a wide range of quiet generators and silent generators for sale from a wide range of gen-set manufacturers.

Resort Power Generators

The C38 D5 by Cummins UK is an industrial three phase generator for sale that would suit as a small generator for a business or a home geneset.

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If you need any help finding the perfect generator, get in touch as we're always happy to help you source the perfect electric generator for your requirements, we also stock other diesel generator brands such as Pramac, Perkins and much more.