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Recovery Power

Recovery Power Generators - This Cummins C220D5e 200 kVA (prime) silent diesel generator will provide power to a vehicle/material recovery company's head office located in a remote area of Scotland, UK.

Recovery Backup Power

This C220D5e 200kVA genset will get pleanty of use as our client has experienced more power cuts than ever over the last twelve months, this has led them to take contingency actions rather than suffer more losses in income for thier business.

Recovery electricity

As they now have a backup generator in place they know that they will be operational 24/7 365 days a year, this helps save alot, not only on the occasions that a power outage occurs but they can now confidently forecast operations making them an incredible saving.

Recovery Electricity Supply

If you are looking for a 200kVA generator, or a size kva generator of any power size for that matter, do get in touch with us at Diesel generator Direct UK who will be more than happy to help you find the correct power solution for your requiremensts.