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Pontefract Power Generator - This 300kVA Cummins C330D5 Silent Diesel Generator will be delivered to a factory in Pontefract where it will be used to provide backup power for this car part manufacturer.

Pontefract Power Generator

This factory in Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK manufactures parts for the car industry on relies on constant production to keep ahead of their competition, even as much as an hours downtime caused by a power cut can have far-reaching consequences in their ability to keep up with demand.

Pontefract Silent Generator

After an appraisal of the factories power requirements, we were able to work-out that a 250-300 kVA power generator would be sufficient for their requirements, Diesel Generator Direct was able to make a number of suggestions in this generator power range from both Cummins and Pramac genset brands, the client mentioned that they would really like to keep the sound noise down because the ideal location to position the generator is close to their neighbors, instantly the Cummins C330D5 stood out due to its competitive price

Pontefract Industrial Generator

The Cummins C330D5 is a 300kVA Generator when used in prime application (continuously running) but also offers 330kVA when used as a standby genset, the Cummins built canopy boasts fantastic noise reduction levels making the C330D5 by Cummins Power Generation a very quiet generator and the fact that Cummins built the majority of the genset elements themselves means they can produce an efficient, compact robust and economical generator at a cost much lower than their rivals.