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Poland Genset - This 200kVA Cummins Power Generation C220D5e silent diesel generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to Poland. The power generator will be used at a large data centre facility in the south of Poland to provide standby power.


Poland Silent Generator

The Polish data centre holds large amounts of data for some of Europes leading companies with an ever increasing amount of data which in turn requires more and more power to backup the ever more amounts of data they store, This Cummins UK C220D5e will be the data centres third backup generator, in fact this 200kVA genset is the backup for the backup giving the data centre even more security in the protection of their data.

Poland Power Generator

The facility is located in the south of Poland somewhere in the Silesian provence. Interestingly the provence spreads outside of Poland and covers parts of the Czech republic and Germany, the largest river in the region is the Oder with the Sudeten mountains lying the the far south of the region spanning the Czech border. The largest city in the region is Katowice which boasts an international airport and highway links to the rest of Poland and conntected to germany in the east and the Czech repulic in the south.

On this occassion the client knew which genset they required for the backup of this Polish data centre, as the genset was backing up another backup generator, they required exactly the same model and specification. This was the Cummins generator C220 D5e which is a 200 kVA prime and 220 kVA Standby powered unit, it's a 3 phase set that features a Cummins built QSB7G5 engine, PowerCommand 1.2 Control Panel and a UCI274H Stamford alternator. The C220 D5e also comes with a battery charger, water heater, set-mouted 4-pole circuit breaker a four hundred and sixty four litre base fuel tank, finally the gen-set is neatly packaged and wrapped in an acoutically treated close-fit canopy to keep the sound levels right down to only 77 dBa at only 1 metre away.

Poland Genset

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