Pipe Protection Power Diesel Generator

Pipe Protection Power Diesel Generator

Pipe Protection Power Genset - This 82 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator was sold to a Scottish oil & gas pipe protection company. The silent generator will be shipped out to the Middle East to provide prime power to on-site equipment for multiple projects they have in the area.


Pipe Protection Power Generator

The client, an oil & gas pipe protection company based in Scotland, has secured multiple projects in the Middle East. These projects are in remote areas where mains power isn't accessible. As a result, the company trusted in us to supply an 82 kVA genset to provide prime site power to all the equipment necessary to complete the projects.

Pipe Protection Power Silent Diesel Generator

Depending on what and how much equipment is required on-site, 90 kVA Generators are a popular size for prime site power due to the high power capacity they can deliver from such a lighweight and compact package. We stock various different power generator options at this kVA size, but the client chose the 82 kVA Cummins C90D5 due to its reliability, low-noise level & the fact it can easily be fitted to a towable trailer & driven from site-to-site.

Pipe Protection Power Silent Generator

This silent, 3 phase, 400V diesel generator will provide prime power to all of the company's equipment that they require on-site such as diggers, drills, mobile cranes & other construction equipment.