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Oxford Genset - This 30kVA Cummins Power Generation C33D5 silent diesel generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. The 30 kVA power generator will be used at a public house to provide backup power.


Oxford Silent Generator

The Landlord of this stunning gastropub contacted us to find a solution to his power supply issues, recently he had experienced more power cuts than usual and saw the current lockdown as an opportunity to make some fundamental enhancements to his business.  As power cuts had affected his business more than a few times in the past years during opening hours he had figured that the loss of two evenings business would easily cover the cost of a backup power generator and allow him to operate when the other pubs in the village were unable to trade.

Oxford Power Generator

After a quick Google search, he found our website and made contact with the intention of buying a Pramac GSW45P silent generator, as usual, we thought it would be prudent to go over his requirements to be sure the Genset he was buying was the best fit for his requirements. In actual fact, we discovered that the client only required 28 kVA of power to run his pub business in a backup power situation. From the range of units available on our 30kVA generator page on this website which includes gensets between 30 and 40kVA, we suggested that either the Pramac GSW30P or the Cummins C33D5 would be suitable for his requirements, in the end, the client opted for the Cummins C33 D5 silent generator. The C33D5 offers 33 kVA of power when used in standby mode and 30 KVA when used for prime power demand, this gen-set comes with a battery charger, water heater, set-mounted 4-pole circuit breaker and 175-litre base fuel tank incorporated into the set, this set also benefits from the Cummins own built X3.3G1 engine power unit.

Oxford Genset

The gastropub is located close to the river Thames in a village near Chipping Norton which is close to Oxford in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, the pub is a traditional English bar that serves food too. Oxfordshire is world-famous mainly for the University of Oxford, home of the Oxford University Press but also boasts Blenheim Palace, Henley on Thames (famous for the Henley Regatta), the Oxfordshire Cotswolds and the Chiltern Hills, Oxfordshire includes many lovely towns and villages to visit.

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