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Office Power Genset - This 500 kVA (prime power mode) Cummins C55oD5e with 2500 litre belly tank is being loaded onto transport for delivery to an office complex in the city centre of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The generator will provide backup power to their campus.


Office Silent Generator

The Cummins Genset will be used for backup power in case of the supply from the mains dropping. There have been many drops in power during office hours in the past two years. This has made the businesses within the office complex assess the situation and came together to find a backup power solution that would benefit the twenty-six separate businesses that operate from this building.

Once the complex knew that they needed a combined 500 kVA of power to run all the businesses simultaneously they looked at their options from all the generator sets that fit their needs.

Their first consideration when looking at potential power systems was to find the best and most efficient fuel type, they looked at petrol and gas generators but decided diesel engine powered generator was the route they should take.

Office Electric Generator

Naturally Diesel generator Direct UK was their first port of call to discuss potential diesel generators for them. The Office knew that they wanted a diesel generator, they also required reduced emissions and a quiet Genset that would cause no inconvenience to their neighbours.

The businesses in the office complex based in Manchester specialising in many different industries. One company runs a web app and runs a very popular office client application.

If you need any help finding the best power solution for your requirements, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you.