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Nottingham Diesel Genset - This Cummins C330D5 300kVA power generator leaves the diesel generator direct works for delivery to a private hospital in Nottingham where it will be used for backup power to all the essential electrical equipment that the hospital relies on to deliver their business. In 2019 alone the hospital has experienced over 20 power cuts of some description and even though some of these power cuts have been only momentary you can understand how disruptive this can be in a hospital with operations in progress and patients on life support, the implications don't bear thinking about. Once the Nottingham Hospital got in contact with us, we asked them to asses how much power they would need to operate if the power supply did drop from the grid, they worked out exactly how much power they would need during a power outage running only the most essential equipment and opted for a reliable, efficient Cummins Generator to deliver their power when the main grid drops.

Nottingham Diesel Generator

According to newspaper reports, in August 2019, a 'major incident' which caused problems with two of the National Grid's generators left more than 14,000 homes across Nottingham without power. Nottinghamshire Live said that people reported a "pandemonium" on the roads due to the power failure, which affected traffic lights, shops, trains and bus services, and Western Power Distribution said that a total of 155,000 homes in the East Midlands were affected by the power issues.

East Midlands Airport also confirmed that it had been affected, and Nottingham City Transport (NCT) said the real-time system had been interrupted by the outage, and predictions for services were showing "incorrectly."

Backup Nottingham Power Generators

Another incident in December last year affected more than 700 homes at one point, and only one week earlier, 150 Nottingham homes were affected by a power outage. Prior to this, in June, almost 1000 properties in Beeston were affected by a power cut.

As you can see, in Nottingham and the surrounding area, these incidents are not uncommon and can cause mass-disruption in the area. In these times of disruption, having a Nottingham Diesel Generator could make all the difference to people's lives and to your business.

It is not only peoples' homes, personal lives, and journeys to work which can be affected by power outages, but a whole host of businesses, industries, and organizations can be affected, leading to all sorts of knock-on effects for people which could be avoided with Nottingham Generators.

If you own a restaurant, for example, then not only will you lose business in the event of a power cut as you won't be able to cook food or provide lighting or bathrooms, but you will also lose stock as without your refrigerators, your food will go off. It's the same in supermarkets or grocery shops. Other companies or organizations such as doctors' surgeries, nursing homes or hospitals won't be able to function properly without power as they cannot administer oxygen or IV medications, they won't be able to perform surgeries, keep medication refrigerated, or keep patients warm.

Nottingham Diesel Generators

In today's environment, if you aren't prepared for a power outage, and you haven't invested in a Genset or Silent Generator, then you could find yourself not only losing business but losing even more business to the competition who have prepared for such an event. This could also have an effect on your reputation.

If there is a power cut in the whole of the local area, then businesses who can stay open and will be invaluable to the public in that moment.

Diesel Generators allow businesses to keep going in these times of crisis, to serve the public, and to continue to make money where others cannot.

Without a  Generator, high-tech office equipment won't work during a power outage, often water will not run, communication becomes very difficult, and generally, operations will shut down meaning that no business can be done, but this also causes a huge backlog and can end up costing a company a huge amount of money.


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  • 300 kVA Prime
  • 330 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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