More Data 900kVA silent Diesel Generator for sale UK
More data Cummins 900 kVA Generator
More data Cummins Silent Power Generators 900kVA Genset
More Data UK Diesel 900 kVA Generators, Genset by Cummins Power Generation United Kingdom

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These two Cummins C900D5 open industrial diesel generators are being loaded onto transport for delivery to our client in London. The two large gensets will be used to supply backup electrical power supply to a large high-security data centre. Each 900kVA industrial generator will be used to supply backup power to individual buildings within the data collection facility.


More data Cummins 900 kVA Generator

We were contacted by the London based company who were in the process of building their own large high-security data centre which will hold sensitive data for the business in a safe and secure environment. They knew exactly what they needed from a backup power solution and contacted Diesel Generator Direct with the intention of getting two Cummins Power Generation C900D5 open industrial diesel generators.

More Data Silent Power Generators 900kVA

We able to supply our customer with a very competitive price however the client admitted that it was our extra services that won the business in the end, Diesel Generator Direct UK, will be responsible for servicing the gen-sets and should they need any further enhancements to their power solution knew that Diesel Generator Direct UK were more than capable of providing any power solution they needed.

More Data UK Diesel 900 kVA Generators, Genset by Cummins Power Generation

The Cummins C900 D5 is an industrial-sized open diesel generator powered by a Cummins QSK23G3 engine capable of producing 820 kVA 656 kW prime electricity and 900 kVA 720 kW when used for standby or backup situations. The Cummins C900D5 features a Cummins Stamford HCI6H alternator and Cummins PowerCommand automatic start-up control panel that is mounted onto the side of the generator and is accessible via an app giving you full control of this gen-set from anywhere in the world. This 3-phase, 50HZ 400V genset 

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Data Centre 900kVA Cummins Diesel Generator in London